The Pain of Infidelity

A story of the pain of infidelity and finding hope and recovery against all odds.

Anne and Brian,

Thanks for such an amazing time at your Passionate Life Seminars Healing from Affairs weekend. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the scholarship that made it easier for us to attend. Surprisingly when we got there my husband was totally into it and had a breakthrough and is ready to “do the right thing”.

As Anne said to me at the final gathering, “I don’t feel like I know you very well but it seems that you have not had a lot of joy in your life in a long time”. That was very perceptive.

As I mentioned at one point, my boyfriend whom I was engaged to when I was 19 was killed in a motorcycle accident at the beginning of my sophomore year in college. It was a devastating.

Five months later I met my husband, and we had about eight really good years after we married.

Then we had our second son who has profound retardation and autism.

Our oldest son flunked out of college, and struggles with alcoholism.

So add Dan’s affair in there, which I found out about in February of 2009 and I completely fell apart. I spent a year struggling with all kinds of triggers. Then in February of 2010, I find out this behavior (unfaithfulness and affairs) had been going on for almost twenty years, with five different women. So, no I haven’t’ felt any real joy in a long, long, time. Since the seminar I have hope.

I did experience some joy over the week-end!

We do again have love and passion in our relationship so we are building from that. In fact, we are headed off to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains for a romantic week-end together today. And yes, I have packed my sexiest lingerie!!!

Thanks again for everything . You are doing such a service to couples, it must be rewarding and a bit hard, especially when people like me write down all the long details of their life !!!!

Fondly – KL, Tennessee