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When faced with the devastating impact of extramarital affairs, many people are left trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. It seems nearly impossible to find the right thing to do or the right thing to say. I've seen countless couples struggle with bad advice from friends or even therapists. That's because helping couples who suffer from affairs take a very specific approach—an approach that helps break down the events leading to the affair and regain the trust that is necessary to build a stronger marriage. That's exactly what Anne and Brian give in their ground-breaking seminars.

They've healed their own marriage, and the marriages of hundreds of others. I've attended their seminars, and I've seen them at work. It's a well orchestrated blend of understanding how the affair started, and a step by step of what to do now…at this very repair and rebuild your relationship.

I cannot recommend any program more highly than theirs.

Famous marriage and relationship expert Dr Scott Haltzman recommends Anne and Brian Bercht Beyond Affairs program Scott Haltzman, MD Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association

Brian and Anne give ALL of themselves and in exchange they saved our marriage.

– Mary, Florida

Wanted to let you know you are a godsend! I wish I could put into words how grateful we are for you guys, your amazing knowledge and passion for helping others. I have tried to explain to others the change that occurred within myself while we took your program, and it leaves me speechless. How do you put it into words? I can live again, I got my life back, my desire to live back.

- Amber, Montana

The pain is still there, but I feel like I've come to the end of my tunnel and I'm seeing the light at the end. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Brenda, Texas

The Healing From Affairs Seminar has changed our lives forever. It seems like we have been dealing with the leftovers from my affair forever, and I had pretty much given up hope that things could or would get better. But they did, they really did! The changes feel permanent, my heart is lighter than it's been in years!

-Pete, California

After my affair one of the areas I struggled most with was reconnecting sexually with my husband. I couldn't really understand it then, but my guilt made me feel nervous and I just couldn't enjoy sex with my husband the same way as before. As a result of what we learned from Brian and Anne, my husband and I were able to be patient and communicate openly about sex, with respect for each other's real feelings and desires. This has helped us to get our great sex life back. Thank God!

- Louise, British Columbia

This program helped me to become a better man, gave me communication tools and helped me to make the decisions that were right for me. As a result, I have received forgiveness from my wife. I have her trust and respect again, and now she listens to and understands and acts on the things that are important to me. Together we're building new memories and having more fun than ever before.

- Robert, Washington

Thank-you Brian for talking so candidly and frankly about why things like this happen and for giving us a view into your brain. You have helped me to understand my husband and helped to explain how and why this terrible thing could have happened to us.

– Denise, British Columbia

For the first time since D-Day, I'm beginning to feel safe with my husband again. After hearing Brian tell his story, even through my husband said some of the same words, it just made more sense to me hearing it from someone other than my husband ... I'm finally beginning to feel safe and serene.

– Elizabeth, Idaho

One of my favorite parts was the sharing on forgiveness – straight from Anne's heart. It really touched me. As Brian said, men pretend to be men of steel, but they're very delicate and vulnerable inside. Learning about our respective personality types was a real eye opener for me. I knew we were different but seeing us plotted on paper just made it so clear to me. One of those “aha!” moments!

– Anna, Alberta

I appreciate the fact that we are challenged as individuals to change and to stop pointing fingers at our spouse as the source of our problems. I would recommend this easily to anyone in need of feeling like there are others in the same predicament who have made it or at least willing to give their marriage a fighting chance.

– Mathew, New Jersey

After reading “My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me,” we took the Healing from Affairs has been the best investment we could make for our relationship. It helped us heal much faster and move forward into a truly happy and passionate marriage.

– Linda, Minnesota

I am trying to find the words that can describe this feeling of gratitude that has been with me since my husband and I left the Healing from Affairs Seminar last Sunday night in Atlanta.

If I was a poet I could truly give you a description of this feeling of deep and forgiving love that I carry for my husband now. My wish was to find some freedom from the obsessive thoughts of the past and I believe that I had a miraculous break through with your loving guidance during the workshop.

I know that there is still so much more healing to go but now I am not as afraid because I know that there is such a thing as “Divine Timing.” I am secure in knowing that each new day pushes the mistakes of the past further and further away from my brain and replaces it with thoughts of forgiveness and compassion.

– Jill, Illinois

The only reason I agreed to attend the Healing From Affairs seminar with my wife was the fact that Brian Bercht had worked in construction, and even then I was pretty skeptical. I'm not into therapy, seminars, counseling or long drawn out touchy feely stuff; just give me the bottom line.

The weekend experience was positive and different from what I expected. One of the most valuable parts was being able to hear from others who'd had affairs and talk about the challenges we face trying to put this whole thing behind us.

If you need to heal your marriage after an affair, don't waste your time dragging this whole thing out. Just get Healing From Affairs, get the issues dealt with, and reap the rewards of reconnecting with your spouse, being respected and trusted again, and keeping your family together.

– Timothy, Washington