Surviving Infidelity – warm, safe, caring

As funny as it sounds, we had a wonderful weekend at Healing from Affairs. I went to the surviving infidelity seminar to get answers and to receive healing and I left with a lot of answers, relief, understanding and healing.

The whole weekend was wonderful. The presentation was great. The atmosphere was definitely a warm, safe, and caring environment. We don’t think there is anything you could do to improve the weekend. Your story, understanding, and empathy brings things to reality and was extremely helpful.

Jeff said his “aha!” moment was understanding how he fell into the affair, by moving his boundaries and blocking me out. This was a great moment for both of us.
 It was relieving for me to hear it wasn’t about the person or the sex it was about the thrill.

Brian, it was a huge thing for me when you said the betrayed weren’t the crazy ones, it was the unfaithful with the problems. I always knew I wasn’t the crazy one but it was good for Jeff to hear.

All the posters with profound messages were a big help. I loved Anne’s analogy of how easy it is to row or float down stream to a disaster and how it is work to turn things around and that you need to continue rowing in order to stay in a safe place.

We are very grateful for the both of you for sharing your experience and they way you brought your lives back together.

There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude for what you have done for us. We are so thankful we were able to attend this awesome weekend.

 Bless you.  – 
JD, Maryland