Passionate Life Infidelity Recovery Coach

Infidelity Recovery Coach

Hi Anne!

Mike and I are doing really well. The Passionate Life Infidelity Recovery Coach help we are receiving has been really helpful to us. Mike is still seeing our Christian counselor in order to deal with a lot of “junk” from his childhood. I am taking a break from counseling and she will just bring me in whenever she feels it is necessary. Truthfully, talking to our Passionate Life infidelity recovery coaches helps me the most. Talking to someone who has been there really helps put things in perspective. My coach has helped me to realize that I choose to stay in this marriage, therefore I have to do some work. I have been “acting my way into feelings”. This really isn’t too hard because I really enjoy being nice to Mike! I was having a lot of trouble with obsessive thoughts but I have learned to re-focus my thinking. Such a simple thing has been life changing for me.

I so feel God’s grace upon me and our marriage. Mike and I are spending a lot more time together and it has been so much fun. I think that we both appreciate each other so much more. Mike is working a lot less now also and the kids are loving that. He is trying very hard to make it to all their sporting events, dance recitals and just to watch him interact with them brings tears to my eyes.

He still has some issues with communication, still avoiding conflict at all cost, but we are working on that. I reminded him that I am not going to ask him to leave, which he says is his greatest fear and why he avoids any conflict. I told him he needs to re-focus his thoughts. Haha…look whos giving advice now! Anyway Anne, we are in a good place and I am very happy. A huge Thank you goes to you and Brian, and all the wonderful people on the Passionate Life team. We wouldn’t be where we are without all of you.

We are very interested in coming to the Love and Passion Seminar.
Thank you again.

MB, California