Husband had affair

Husband had affair! – What now?

Oh guys,

When my husband had an affair I thought my life was over …

You’ve no IDEA how wonderful the Take Your Life Back healing and empowerment weekend for betrayed wives was for my healing and peace of mind!!!! I VERY much liked all the real life practice exercises we did.  At first I thought, there is NO STINKING WAY I can do this!!! But when I did … it helped me a lot in breaking through my fears, in seeing that I could, that I can! That I can do anything I put my mind to and trust the Lord to help me do, within His will, of course! The Take Your Life Back weekend was GREAT!

Anne is such a doll! I can tell she really does care about our healing! I LOVED the special blessing I received at the end! What a great way to send us home, with words of encouragement and blessing!

My small group coach has got to be the sweetest thing ever!! She did a great job of helping me break through the anger I had at God, of being able to express that to Him. I also appreciated that I was allowed to get angry, to say whatever nasty things have been in my mind, then to have the Truth pointed out to me. To have someone show me the reality of my anger and my thoughts, instead of me believing the lies. Coach Tammie has done great at that in my support group, as well. But Anne and her team kept pointing out my value as a person apart from my husband and kids. They all made me feel special and valuable and worthy of love! That’s what has been most attacked, I think… my sense of value. And this program helped restore that for me!

“I am a valuable, strong and courageous woman!!!” I found my identity that I had lost. Very cool.

The value I have received from Anne & Brian Bercht, Passionate Life Seminars, the Beyond Affairs Network and their entire healing team has meant more than I can really put into words!!

Beth, Dallas, TX, USA