Healing From Affairs Seminar – Best Decision

Healing From Affairs Seminar was one of the best decisions we’ve made in our marriage

I would like to say thank you (especially to Anne since she’s the one we got to know while we were in Dallas this past weekend) for what you have done for my wife and I in our healing process.  I can say without hesitation that attending the Healing From Affairs seminar was one of the best decisions we’ve made in our entire marriage (especially since I just made the worst decision by choosing to have an affair.  My wife and I still have a ways to go before she will be able to say she’s completely healed, but that day will come, and I believe it will come much sooner because of the things we heard, talked about, and learned during the healing seminar.  The work you guys do is incredible.  God has placed it in both of our hearts to make sure the single “event” of my affair does not define us as a couple, or as individuals.  Thanks again for all you’ve done for us and our marriage.

JS, Texas