Healing from extramarital affairs weekend was fabulous

The Healing from Extramarital Affairs weekend was fabulous!

I could tell that Anne Bercht put a lot of work into developing the structure of the seminar, and it really paid off for us.  Every aspect was choreographed to excellence (since I can’t say “perfection!”) to guide us to the emotional connection that we needed.  Getting to know others who were going through the same feelings, or had recovered from doing so, was validating, and invaluable for me.  I dare say that it was even more beneficial for my husband, who needed his own support, and also needed to see that I wasn’t crazy, and that my responses have been typical.  He also needed the roadmap to gain my forgiveness, which you so ably provided for him.

Because I benefitted so greatly from the weekend and all of the packed-in activities, I hesitate to suggest an improvement- where would you possibly include it, and what could you remove?

Thank you for being there for us, and for providing the structure and support for our recovery.

RH, New York