Healing from an Affair – What a registered clinical counsellor had to say

I recently attended the “Healing From Affairs” workshop presented by Anne and Brian Bercht as a “therapist-observer”. I came away from that experience very moved and impressed with the quality and content of the weekend.

I felt the participants were given a road map for healing from an affair, many of the tools they need for the journey, and the empathic guidance of 2 people who have travelled that journey themselves.

Anne and Brian modeled the transformation that can take place when people are willing to do the work of healing from an affair, by telling their own story, by giving many examples of the changes they have had to make to heal and grow, and to create a future of evolving growth, love and support.

They created a very powerful and positive container that held the couples to strive towards their best with each other. It was clear that many of the couples left with hope and a “tool kit” to help carry them forward.

As an Imago therapist, I was delighted to see that they teach the Couples Dialogue as one of the tools they recommend. Most couples will need more support, which they are given with follow-up teleconferences and coaching. However, some will need more help from a therapist to guide them in the deeper journey of healing and growth. As a therapist, I felt more empowered to work with these clients because of the road map they have been given in the workshop. And, in working with my clients who have not done this workshop, I have a much better working container in my own mind to help and guide them. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop for clients who are wanting to heal from an affair that has devastated their relationship.

Toni Pieroni, MA
Registered Clinical Counselor
Certified Imago Therapist
Vancouver, BC