If I divorce after infidelity

“If I divorce after infidelity, how will I ever find someone to love me?” I wondered.

Hi Anne,

This gives me a great opportunity to sit down and write you a note which I have been wanting to do since I returned from the take your life back weekend. I wanted to thank you again for dedicating yourself and your life to helping those of us who find ourselves possibly facing divorce after infidelity.

I can say without hesitation that the Passionate Life Seminars Take Your Life Back weekend was absolutely “LIFE CHANGEING” for me. When I registered for the weekend my intent was for the weekend to help me decide what I had been struggling/waffling with for the past 9 months,  “should I continue to stay in this relationship or should I move on”…

Then amazingly enough the Universe and God gave me a sign I could not question the weekend before Take Your Life Back. I found out that my husband has been having some sort of relationship with 2 different women (this was after the initial disclosure with the first woman back in May 2009, and while we were trying to decide what to do, and after I have asked point blank on 3-4 different occasions if he was continuing to see someone else, and was told no).

So I was then so thankful and grateful to God and the Universe for providing this sign to me prior to the weekend so that I could go into the weekend focused and know what I was meant to be working on for the weekend, which was healing me!!!!!

Even though I knew I would be concentrating on my healing, I guess I assumed that it would be mostly dealing with stuff around the affair, what I didn’t realize and what actually helped me the most, was that in the course of that weekend I was able to heal some deep wounds and release some very heavy baggage that I have been carrying around for many, many years!!!!!

I had previously done a lot of “self help” and seen several counselors during the course of my life so I was aware of the baggage I have been carrying around but I have never known how to get rid of it.

For me I think the symbolism of the experiences you took us through were the key to the change that has taken place with me.

The first day back after the weekend was great, I felt like I could conquer the world, then life started to slowly creep back in but I am happy to say that I have been able to manage, and not let anything get me down. I have a new positive outlook on life.

Over the past months prior to attending the weekend my mind would often start obsessing about

IF WE DIVORCE HOW AM I EVER GOING TO FIND SOMEONE TO LOVE  ME, to be a family with, no one will ever want me…. I would spend hours thinking of this, and now I have released that thought and I am able to think that I am going to be fine with or without someone in my life.

This is a time for me to heal and spend some time with myself and learn to love and appreciate myself again, and spend time with my son. I don’t go into panic mode anymore when I think of holidays, or vacations and how all the other families are doing them together.

I have even been able to release the anger that I had toward my husband and go back to being cordial and amicable when I see him b/c of our son.

I had dinner last night with a close girlfriend who is very spiritual and intuitive. I was finally able to share the events of the TYLB weekend with her and she can not believe the change in me. She said she sees a radiance coming out of me that she has never see before (she has known me for the past 6 years). She cannot believe the transformation.

I am writing all of this to you so that you will know how you have touched & changed yet another life! I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough for doing what you do so well!!!

When I left the weekend I couldn’t think of anything that the weekend was missing.

OK, that is enough for now. Most of all, I just wanted to take a few minutes to truly Thank You for changing my life!!!! I will never forget you! – GM, Orlando, FL