Cheating husbands … and victory beyond the humiliation

I never thought I would be among the women with cheating husbands. Nothing in life could prepare you for such a thing, and no woman should ever have to face it. Yet it’s all to common. I was devastated, lost and confused. This is not who I wanted to be!

The Take Your Life Back weekend in Chicago was incredible. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. I had read so many books on affair recovery that I was hard-pressed to think of what else I could possibly learn. I went into the weekend mainly hoping to meet other woman who had experienced the same trauma. You did such an outstanding job of organizing just the right kinds of experiences at just the right times. I learned so much!!! I cannot think of one thing that was not meaningful. The visualizations and tangible object lessons were extremely helpful. I especially treasure the visualization on Forgiveness and the learning about the importance of taking care of myself in such an impactful way. The Forgiveness visualization especially helped me. You came across so polished and professional, yet so personal. Being able to direct questions to you all the Passionate Life Relationship Coach’s and the husbands as well was a highlight and brought great hope. Because of the variety of activities, the camaraderie that developed was so natural and significant. My roommate, Sue, and I have been keeping in touch every couple of days. We have so much to talk about. Amazingly I’ve found myself able to sing and even dance again! Because of that weekend I am now experiencing magnificent freedom and healing and I am able to have fun again!

Your sensitivity to spiritual issues and the way you shared your own faith was fantastic and very well received. I believe a lot of women walked away with either a deeper walk with God or a more softened heart toward Him.

I really like that you sent us home with the life planning activity as well.

Throughout the weekend I felt supported, valued, and encouraged. Thank you so very much for that! The last activity where we shared words of encouragement to all the others was also very meaningful and I thank you for the opportunity to do so.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your life, your resources, and your wisdom!!!

Kasey, Maryland, USA