Betrayal – How to come out on top!

Wow! is all I can say, Anne and Brian Bercht have put together a powerful, informative weekend for surviving betrayal. (Take Your Life Back.) The weekend was so packed full of great things for every person attending. Through all the tears came happiness at last. Just to be with other women that know what you’re going through and feel your pain helps so much. The insight that the Passionate Life coaches brought to the seminar was great also. And I cannot say enough about Brian….he was by our side every step of the way to give us encouragement that we needed 🙂

I really don’t know that Anne could do anything to change the weekends to make them better, only if she wanted to come home with us…..
I’m so thankful for Anne and Brian for all the work they put into getting a weekend together like this, I feel like Anne has given me the courage to take the next step in my marriage with or without my husband.

Kathy, West Virginia, USA