Affair Recovery Weekend

I just can’t say enough about the Passionate Life Seminars healing from affairs® affair recovery weekend which I got to experience with my husband after his affair. It was filled with so much information and you could tell that it came from Anne and Brian’s heart. I think for me just the feeling of closeness to both Anne and Brian that I felt brought healing, calmness and peace (and I’m sure the rest of the couples felt it also). You come away with a better understanding of the affair itself, and the tools to help you and your spouse work on making your marriage stronger.

Also getting to hear the other ladies tell their stories makes you feel like you’re not alone.

All the Passionate Life volunteer mentors were wonderful also, It was clear that tremendous learning, experience, time and effort had gone into creating this weekend. I’m just thankful my husband and I were able to experience it. You just can’t put a price on returning to happiness after an affair.

KD, West Virginia