Intensive Affair Couples Recovery Retreat


Could a Private Intensive Couples Retreat be right for you?

These are for those couples that:

  1. Can’t or Don’t Want to Wait for the next seminar.
  2. For those whose Privacy or Anonymity are of utmost importance.
  3. For the couples that desire specific or focused attention.
  4. For those couples dealing with Special Circumstances.

If you are seeking assistance in recovering from one or the other’s affair and you can’t or don’t want to wait for the next Healing From Affairs weekend intensive; or if circumstances (life, kids, work, previous commitments etc.) prevent you from attending the next HFA weekend; or if you are concerned about maintaining your anonymity and privacy in a larger group setting; or if there may be situations or issues that might be best addressed privately; then consider our Private Intensive Couples Retreat as the alternative to the group format.

A Private Intensive Couples Retreat is a great alternative to the Healing From Affairs weekend seminar, as this will give you one on one time with recovery experts Anne & Brian Bercht. These private intensives are conducted in the privacy of their home offices situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Blaine, Washington. The recommended accommodation (Semiahmoo Resort) is located on the waterfront and is only 3 minutes from the private gated community in which Anne & Brian reside.

A Private Intensive Couples Retreat most often can fit into your schedule and timetable. The waiting time to begin the recovery and healing process can be reduced by as much as 3 months. You need not have to wait for a scheduled Healing From Affairs weekend, but can get started often the same month.

Brian and Anne Bercht also offer Private Intensive Couples Retreat customized for couples who are NOT dealing with affairs in their marriage, but may be facing a different kind of marital crisis, or for those who simply wish a safe place to discuss ways to move passed obstacles and improve an already good marriage.

A Private Intensive Couples Retreat creates the safety and security regarding anonymity and privacy. If your life requires higher levels of discretion because of your high profile public persona a private intensive is right for you.

Private Intensives allow Anne & Brian to focus on specific issues or concerns that you may have, without spending time on areas that are less applicable. Anne & Brian will formulate a customized plan for you to help you reach your desired outcome.

A Private Intensive Couples Retreat can be preferred when there are unique or special circumstances that may best be tackled and addressed couple to couple. Some issues are better handled without the additional pressure of others overhearing because of intense feelings of embarrassment or shame due to non conventional types of affairs, personal issues, and other marital challenges.

If a Private Intensive Couples Retreat interests you and you’d like to know more about the details of these, please feel free to contact Brian to discuss this further.

Call 360-306-3367 to book your appointment today or email Brian Bercht directly at