Love and Passion Seminar


For Couples who have completed Healing From Affairs

Step 2: Love & Passion Seminar

Location: Semiahmoo, WA  – Semiahmoo Resort in Semiahmoo, WA (2 hours north of Seattle

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In this seminar we’ll share with you the secrets of successful couples, and we’ll help you to identify those subtle and deceptive road blocks that may be holding you back from experiencing complete healing, true relationship fulfillment and an even stronger love.

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As a married couple …

Do you want to keep your marriage moving forward?

Have you asked yourself, “We’re healed (or almost healed), but now what?

Is your marriage OK, but you’d like it to be better?

Do you want a deeper connection?

Do you talk more, but still get stuck sometimes?

Could your sex life be better?

Is there a need for greater freedom to really be yourself?

Would you like more romance, adventure and fun?

Do you want to make your relationship more enjoyable? Fulfilling? Exciting?

Have you lost control of your time?

Do you feel second to _____________ in your spouse’s life?

Do you want to be sure you have an affair proof marriage?

If you answered yes, to 2 or more of the above questions then Step 2: Love & Passion is for you!

Every couple needs to pay attention to their relationship and be proactive about making it stronger, before the pressures of daily life and misunderstandings slowly creep in and steal away the love, connection, closeness, warmth, respect,  romance and excitement you once had.

In the Love and Passion Seminar You Will Learn …

      • The 6 foundational secrets to a Fulfilling Relationship
      • How to create a Relationship Vision
      • The difference between Love & Passion
      • How to have both safety & security, combined with laughter and fun
      • Your Core Values and how to live congruently
      • More about the Gender Gap
      • More real stuff to make your sex life what you want it to be
      • About the 7 Relationship Destroyers – how to steer clear
      • Conflict Management & Problem Solving Skills
      • About overcoming anger, resentment, & emotional abuse
      • Forgiveness – where are you at?
      • How to create an affair proof marriage
      • And much more!

Plus you’re invited to be personal guests in Brian & Anne’s home
for a wonderful, intimate dinner on Saturday evening!!

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Registration includes:

    • An in-depth values profile for each spouse
    • Seminar Handouts
    • Practical tools to improve your marriage
    • Suprises
    • A learning experience you’ll never forget!

We are so sure the Love and Passion Seminar weekend will improve your marriage,
we guarantee it.

Come and participate fully in all sessions, and if at the conclusion of the weekend, you do not feel these concepts will improve your marriage, we will gladly refund your money.
(Consumables are not refundable.)

When? Next Retreat: TBA
Where? Semiahmoo, WA (Blaine) – Semiahmoo Resort

Getting There? Semiahmoo is 2 hours drive north of Seattle, 1 hour drive south of Vancouver, BC, and 30 minutes north of Bellingham, WA. The Bellingham International Airport is used by Alaska Airlines, and Allegiant Airlines, with direct flights from places like Denver, Las Vegas and Seattle. If you fly to Seattle, there is also a convenient and cost effective shuttle service from the SeaTac airport to the Semiamoo resort. It is also a convenient one hour flight from the Abbotsford International Airport.

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Love and Passion Seminar Testimonials

“The Seminar provided a special time for my wife and I to connect in a more solid way emotionally and spiritually. It provided additional perspective for us to see, more than ever, that deeper learning and growth in a marriage is a process that requires patience and enduring love. But more than anything, we were inspired by the incredible obstacles that Brian and Anne had overcome within themselves and in their communication to build a healthy and passionate life, and seminar, together!” – Terry, California

“The weekend was fabulous! I could tell that Anne put a lot of work into developing the structure of the seminar, and it really paid off for us. Every aspect was choreographed to excellence (since I can’t say “perfection!”) to guide us to the emotional connection that we needed. Getting to know others who were going through the same feelings, or had recovered from doing so, was validating, and invaluable for me. I dare say that it was even more beneficial for my husband, who needed his own support, and also needed to see that I wasn’t crazy, and that my responses have been typical. He also needed the roadmap to gain my forgiveness, which you so ably provided for him.” – Robin, Atlanta, GA

The Passionate Life seminar was an extremely powerful, informative and touching three-day event. We are so grateful to have been able to attend this. It was well worth the fifteen hours of travel it took to get there. If you have the opportunity to go to this, do it. You will not be disappointed. The things you take away from this seminar will stay with you for the rest of your life. – SB, Massachusetts 

“The weekend was a fantastic experience for both of us. Thank you so much for opening up your home to us, you made us feel welcome and comfortable.

“The small group and intimate setting made it easy to bond with others, which made sharing feelings easier and very beneficial for us. Brian and Anne showed true devotion and caring with personal advice for each couple, the intimate dinner settings were conducive to great communication and sharing; they proved to be helpful to us in getting “unstuck” with understanding the length of time of the affair along with helping with other issues. The spiritual time with prayer for our marriage with Brian and Anne was a special meaningful and emotional time (we felt God’s presence in the room).

“The review of HFA skills made us realize our secondary differences have played a big role in our marriage conflicts, seeing and hearing the dialogue skills in action reinforced how valuable the skills are when used properly. All activities were enjoyable, well planned, and had an important message for us.

“The time is so well spent it just makes you want more and more.” – Ray & Bonnie, Dallas, TX

Invest Now! Your marriage is worth it! 

Seminar begins at 3 PM on Friday and Concludes at 4 PM on Sunday

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COST $1450 per Person

2 Persons x $1450 = $2900 per couple

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More Seminar Testimonials

The Passionate Life seminar was, for us a restful, informative, hope-filled weekend during which we learned a LOT about ourselves and our marriage. Anne and Brian are outstanding speakers. The setting was beautiful and the participants we met were powerful, helpful people, most making the same journey we are. We feel blessed to have been a part of it. – SS, Surrey, British Columbia

For us, hearing Brian’s and Anne’s story was invaluable to us. Learning what tools they used to make changes to their behaviors was inspiring. Also, the Values Preference Indicator test was an unbelievable experience. The test was so accurate and we learned a great deal about ourselves! – TP, Chilliwack, BC

Yes, I found this seminar very helpful. Having read many books, attending our church’s ‘Marriage Matters’ class, as well as private and couple counseling……I found this seminar to be a good summary of the material I had been studying. Putting it into practice is quite a different matter……..this seminar with Anne and Brian did just that. For the first time, I feel I can release myself, gain back the trust with my wife and children, and do the necessary hard work to regain my life. Thanks for a great weekend! – RS, Surrey, British Columbia