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May 16 – 18, 2020: Denver, CO
August 15 – 17, 2020: Denver, CO
December 4 – 6, 2020: Denver, CO


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Is your marriage broken?

Disclosure of an extramarital affair sends any marriage into a tail spin. It’s devastating for everyone involved, including the children, and the rippling negative effects usually include your job, physical health and finances.

Pulling out of this spin is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, and many couples never make it because they don’t have proper guidance or the skills. It’s especially difficult, because both spouses hurt tremendously, but in very different ways.

Our Healing from Affairs Seminar is specifically designed for couples struggling to heal from the trauma of an affair.

We aim to have one mentor couple who has healed their marriage present for every 5 couples in the room, and at least one healed mentor/coach couple present where the wife was the one who had the affair to ensure couples where the wife has been unfaithful feel completely comfortable and can equally identify with everything that is taught all weekend.

Unfortunately many couples never really heal, because they never deal with the affair, why it happened and what will be different in the future to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“Brian and I are more in love and stronger than ever after Brian’s affair in 2000. I have no more pain attached to the memory of the affair. Candidly we will take you through the processes required for genuine healing.” – Anne Bercht 

If you’re the betrayed spouse the pain is so intense, you often feel you cannot breathe, and just performing routine tasks, like driving kids to school, can feel insurmountable. You feel like you’re losing your mind, you can’t think straight, and you’re wracked with questions and feelings of disillusionment. How from this place can you possibly begin to make sound decisions and heal?

If you’re the one who had the affair, you may feel confused. You may feel no one understands you or even cares to try. You’re sorry for what you’ve done. You love your spouse. You’re committed to your marriage. You’ve said you’re sorry. What more can you do? Why can’t your spouse just get over it? You feel no good can possibly come from rehashing this horrible deed over and over.

How do two hurting people who love each other, yet are experiencing so much pain put it all back together?

Have you wondered …

  • Why did this happen?
  • What will be different in the future to ensure it doesn’t happen again?
  • How can we quit fighting and start moving forward?
  • Why doesn’t my spouse understand me?
  • Why doesn’t my spouse seem to care what I’m feeling?
  • Why doesn’t my spouse listen to me?
  • How will I ever feel good about myself again?
  • How can I forgive? Be forgiven?
  • How do we rebuild trust in our marriage?
  • How do we re-establish a fulfilling sex life?
  • How does someone overcome the obsessive thoughts and painful triggers?
  • What it was you loved about your spouse in the first place?

We can help you find the answers to all these questions during the Healing From Affairs Seminar. Now there is a way to restore your marriage and your love, fully, in a shorter time, and with less agony.

“Thank you Brian
for talking so candidly and frankly about
why things like this happen and for giving
us a view into your brain. You have helped
me to understand my husband and helped to
explain how and why this terrible thing
could have happened to us.” – J.M., Coquitlam,
British Columbia

“Words fail to express how wonderful, healing, positive and helpful your weekend was. I really did not see how my anger and pain were going to be eased by just one weekend in Atlanta, but I was wrong. The work you did with us was amazing. Your organization of all aspects was so appreciated by me because it gives the feeling that we are in your care and, indeed, we are going to find help with you and your wonderful team leading us through the darkness we have been living with since the affair. 

“The weekend has completely changed the way we react to each other and the way we now communicate. You gave us back the love in our life that had been replaced with anger and resentment on my part. 

“To be honest I was not sure at times that I even wanted to stay married to my husband because I did not know if I could ever have the love for him and from him that I had experienced early in our marriage. And, I certainly did not see how I was going to forgive him for the hurt and pain, but with your help I am every day finding a way to do just that. And, even the trust is back in our marriage. We continue to work on and communicate with each other about the things we learned in our weekend with you. We feel like we have a whole new life together and I once again feel so loved and cherished by my husband and now feel I am safe to love and cherish him and he will not hurt me.

“Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves and by doing so showing us the way to a truly happy and contented life together.” – Stephanie.S., Arizona

During this weekend you’ll learn how to …

  • Talk about painful issues without hurting each other
  • Understand why your spouse acts the way they do
  • Understand why you act the way you do
  • Forgive
  • Overcome obsessive thoughts
  • Process anger in healthy ways
  • Rebuild trust
  • Rebuild self-esteem
  • Get past the incredible sadness
  • Build a renewed relationship based on openness and honesty
  • Break negative cycles
  • Reestablish love, intimacy, honor and respect
  • Discover the number one key to incredible sex
  • Ensure an affair never happens in your marriage again

Next Seminar: Location & Costs

Date: May 16 – 18, 2020: Denver, CO
Venue: Courtyard Marriott by Denver Airport

 Cost: $3999 per couple ($1999.50 per person)

Seminar begins Day 1 at 1:00 pm – concludes Day 3 at 4:00 pm

Healing From Affairs Seminar

2 nights hotel stay
2 lunches
Coffee breaks
Seminar manuals
6 bi-weekly group follow-up coaching sessions by phone
Membership to ongoing bi-weekly support for men – as long as you want

You will not be put on the spot or asked to share things publicly.

This seminar is not about someone being labelled as a bad person. It’s about showing both spouses the way to reconcile a marriage, and make it stronger than before. Our participants come from all over the world. Everything is handled in a safe, confidential and discreet manner.

You can struggle along on your own, or take a short cut. You don’t need healing to be anymore painful or to take any longer than necessary.

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Healing From Affairs Seminar

COST $3999 per Couple

  • May 16 – 18, 2020: Denver, CO 

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Our Guarantee

We are so sure this seminar will help you, we guarantee it.

Register and participate fully in all sessions and if at the end of the seminar you feel this experience was not of value to you, we will gladly refund your money.

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Healing From Affairs Seminar – Testimonials!

“The Healing From Affairs Weekend is a powerful way to quickly promote hope and healing in marriages in the aftermath of infidelity. In many cases, traditional therapies would advance more quickly if couples first attended a HFA – Healing From Affairs.”
Diana Leigh Morgan, Ph.D.
CEO – DLM Consulting Group, LLC, Project Director, Healthy marriage Collaboration of Central Ohio

“Wanted to let you know you are God send!!!!!! I wish I could put into words how grateful we are for you guys, your amazing knowledge, and passion for helping others. I have tried to explain to others the change that occurred within myself while we were in Dallas (August 2013) and it leaves me speachless. How do you put it into words? I can live again, I got my life back, my desire to life back…… how fake does that sound- YEP TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE but it’s true it’s true:)” – Amber, Missoula, Montana

“Wow what a difference a weekend can make !

“The Healing From Affairs Seminar has changed our lives forever. It seems like we have been dealing with the left over’s from my affair – forever and I had pretty much given up hope that things could or would get better but …. they did, they really did ! The changes ‘ feel ‘ permanent, my heart is lighter than its been in years!

“Brian and Anne give ALL of themselves and in exchange they saved our marriage. 

“ALL the mentor couples were amazing in their willingness to bare their souls and in doing so, made us all feel safe. Feeling safe made being completely open a source of tremendous healing. 

“I was one of those that was hesitant to attend and had I chose not to, I would have missed the most important weekend of my life.”

– Mark G, Chicago, IL

I am trying to find the words that can describe this feeling of gratitude that has been with me since my husband and I left the Healing from Affairs Seminar last Sunday night in Atlanta.

If I was a poet I could truly give you a description of this feeling of deep and forgiving love that I carry for my husband now. My wish was to find some freedom from the obsessive thoughts of the past and I believe that I had a miraculous break through with your loving guidance during the workshop. 

I know that there is still so much more healing to go but now I am not as afraid because I know that there is such a thing as “Divine Timing.” I am secure in knowing that each new day pushes the mistakes of the past further and further away from my brain and replaces it with thoughts of forgiveness and compassion.

– JG, Chicago, IL

“The only reason I agreed to attend the Healing From Affairs Seminar with my wife was the fact that Brian Bercht had worked in construction, and even then I was pretty skeptical. I’m not into therapy, seminars, counseling or long drawn out touchy feely stuff. Just give me the bottom line. The weekend experience was positive and different from what I expected. One of the most valuable parts was being able to hear from others who’d had affairs and talk about the challenges we face trying to put this whole thing behind us. If you need to heal your marriage after an affair, don’t waste your time dragging this whole thing out. Just get to the Healing From Affairs weekend, get the issues dealt with, and reap the rewards of reconnecting with your spouse, being respected and trusted again, and keeping your family together.”

– T.A., Construction Contractor, Monroe, Washington

“We really appreciated Brian and Anne’s real and practical approach in the Healing From Affairs Seminar. It was exactly what we needed. We contacted them within the first week of finding out about my wife’s affair, and have been able to heal much faster than other couples. We combined coaching with attending all 3 of Brian and Anne’s seminars. It’s now been one year since the day of disclosure, and both my wife and I feel we’ve been able to fully heal from the impact of her affair on our marriage.” – G.C., Auto Mechanic, Abbotsford, British Columbia

“After my affair one of the areas I struggled most with was reconnecting sexually with my husband. I couldn’t really understand it then, but my guilt made me feel nervous and I just couldn’t enjoy sex with my husband the same way as before.

“I really appreciated Anne and Brian’s practical and candid teaching on sex at the Healing From Affairs Seminar. They clearly weren’t afraid to talk about it, at the same time I felt it was handled in an appropriate, professional and comfortable manner. (I loved the humor and the opportunity for questions and discussion.) 

“As a result of what we learned, my husband and I were able to be patient and communicate openly about sex with respect for each others real feelings and desires. This has helped us to get our great sex life back. Thank God! In the past, I had been taught that as they get older, women don’t enjoy sex anymore. I really didn’t believe this, but growing through my struggles, I was afraid it may be true. 

“Anne has helped me to see, this isn’t true. It’s about your husband learning how to connect with your heart, and as a woman learning to be comfortable with your sexuality, not ashamed. I don’t think anyone can put a price tag on being truly forgiven by your spouse after an affair, and truly healed and restored in every way, and being able to talk and be understood by your spouse in deeper ways.

“Attending Brian and Anne’s weekend marriage seminars has helped us to heal, deepened our love, increased our understanding of each other, and left us with valuable relationship skills. I’m just glad we did it while we were still young. We have so many years ahead to enjoy a fulfilling life together.” – D.C., Fitness Trainer, Abbotsford, B.C.

“The Healing from Affairs Seminar saved our marriage! After reading Brian & Anne’s book, both my husband and I had a glimmer of hope, that maybe we could also heal, and one day have an even stronger love on the other side of the pain. 

“The weekend proved to be a deeply touching experience for both of us, one we would never trade. It brought to the surface core issues and dealt with them, and most importantly we left with a “tool box” full of relationship skills to keep our marriage on track.

” I felt relief because we were finally able to deal with all the things I was hurting about. Listening to Brian share helped my husband to see what he needed to do and why he needed to do it. Brian and Anne’s interactive presentation styles really held our interest. We were never bored. There was constantly something that both my husband and I could relate to. 

“It’s been 6 months since we attended, today I’m able to do things and handle things I know I wouldn’t have been able to if hadn’t learned what I did. My husband and I have made a decision to attend a weekend seminar with Brian and Anne once a year. Our experience with them has been invaluable! ”

– B.A., Office Manager, Monroe, Washington

“The Healing from Affairs seminar with Brian & Anne was well worth the travel, time and money it took to get there.  They both as a couple and as individuals bring a sincerity of purpose and a genuine love for others in the room which translates into a tremendous power to transform lives.  

They bring personal experiences and direct insights based upon willingness to share whatever it takes to help others.  They invite you into their lives and let you know that this seminar is so much more than a transaction.  The authenticity and genuineness is just something one must experience.  It will enrich and change your life together forever.”

– R.H., Manager of Leadership Development, Ann Arbor , Michigan

Anne and Brian have been a God send in our lives. The pain and things I’d endured in my life had left me a broken woman. I believe that God sent them into my life to help with my journey as I found this web-site while I was researching.  After reading Anne’s book and corresponding with her, I knew my husband and I had to the Healing from Affairs seminar.We’re so glad we did. We’re fairly fresh in our journey, and we still have a way to go, but now I know we’re going to make it. 

“During the weekend my husband and I reconnected in loving ways that gave us both hope for the future, that the love we share is one that’s worth restoring, that I can forgive, heal, trust, and be happy again. 

“I also learned the importance of having fun along the way. Our lives had been too full of responsibility and challenges. The things we learned and the practical way they presented were so valuable, that we want our married adult children to attend thier Love & Passion weekend as well.” – P.H., Photographer, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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“After 36 years of marriage, I found myself caught up in an affair. I loved my wife, but I also loved the thrill of my experience in the affair. I stood teetering on the edge of losing the most important things in my life, and I didn’t even realize how close I was. In some ways I feared giving up the affair and recommitting to my marriage. I didn’t know if my wife would ever be able to get past the affair, and I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to experience with my wife, some of the fun I’d experienced in the affair.

“My wife suggested that I read Anne and Brian’s book pretty much at the final stage of our marriage. The book gripped me from start to finish and reading it helped me to see what I was doing more clearly. What really helped me was the balanced point of view from both Brian and Anne. Brian’s feelings and thoughts were very similar to mine: I saw me, in Brian, I understood. The book gave me the vision and hope that I could have the love and life I always wanted to share with my wife. I broke off the affair after agreeing with my wife to give it a real go. 

“Next step was how to get to the Healing from Affairs seminar. I was not comfortable going to someone who has never been there before. We decided to go to a seminar with Brian and Anne. I was very nervous and a bit scared.

Attending Brian & Anne’s seminars (we’ve been to all 3), has helped me to see and deal with my issues. They have helped me become a better man, given me the communication tools and help to make the decisions that were right for me. As a result, I have received forgiveness from my wife, have her trust and respect again, and now she listens to and understands and acts on the things that are important to me. Together we’re building new memories and having more fun than ever before.

“For me the seminars were comfortable places to be. Anne and Brian’s experiences and education into the topic put you truly into a comfort zone. It is OK, you are not the bad guy, you have hope and a future, you have fears. 

“Everyone in the seminar has their own story, it can be private, or open, no pressure. Everyone has a common goal and everyone is in a different stage of healing. In the seminars you make great friendships, you have people supporting you, cheering your marriage on. You can be open and honest in the right climate. You get the right tools to work on your marriage. You learn who you are in a very fun way.”

– B.T., Retired, Okanagan British Columbia

“After reading other books, I can honestly say that “My Husband’s Affair …” is the best one I have came across! It is a powerful and moving 360 view into personal lives, written from the heart, and a book that can help anyone navigating an affair; but also beneficial for affair prevention. This book gave me hope for the future. When my husband read the book, he was finally able to choose the path that was right for him, staying in our marriage. Destiny is about choice and this book definitely helped us to make the right choices.

“Then together we attended all 3 seminars. We enjoyed the presentation style; always open, honest, comfortable, and professional, as well as entertaining and fun. Each seminar provided us with tools to help us move forward in positive ways and has greatly enhanced our relationship.

“When our adult children learned of the affair they were devastated. They, like us are slowly healing and it is helpful for them to see the positive steps we are taking. We want them to take Anne and Brian’s relationship seminars as well. Anne and Brian’s seminars have been the best investments we could make for our relationship. They’ve helped us heal much faster and move forward into a truly happy and passionate marriage.” L.T., Retired, Okanagan British Columbia

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April 15, 2013 – 3 couples share their stories!
Listen as 3 couples openly and honestly share their stories of healing their marriages. Hear from Donna & Pete, Kelly & Janie, Duane & Trish. This is one of the best teleseminars we’ve done! There are so many real and genuine insights for healing, that most couples will relate to.

April 23, 2013 – Hear from a couple where the wife had the affair!
When the wife cheats! 2 couples honestly share their affair-healing journeys on this teleseminar. Find out why healing starts when the full truth is out, even though the one who had the affair is often reluctant to share the whole truth because they are concerned that it will hurt the betrayed partner too much. To really learn how to make it “safe” for the full truth to come out, we strongly recommend attending the “

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When the wife has had the affair … What are the unique challenges these couples face?

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Dan & Laura share their story. He took months after disclosure to end his affair. She followed her heart and hung on to their love, when everything else said quit. Find out how together they beat the odds.

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Coaches Tim & Julie share their story. He cheated with a friend of hers.

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Coaches Guy & Tammie share their story of how they healed their marriage after his

affair. Could a controlled separation be the right choice for you?

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A Road Map for Recovery: For couples struggling to heal their marriage after an affair.

Hear from both sides! What are the needs of both the one who had the affair, and the one who has been injured?

Click here to listen to the July 28, 2009 teleseminar

Listen to an interview of a couple where the unfaithful husband took a long time to give up contact with his affair partner, but still, in time, they were able to heal their marriage.

-Find out why it was so difficult for the husband to give up his affair

-What finally brought about the needed changes

-How did the wife cope

Click here to listen to the July 22, 2009 teleseminar

Listen to 2 couples candidly share their stories of how they healed,

when the wife was the one who had the affair.

Click here to listen to the June 30, 2009 teleseminar

This call focus’s on helping the spouse who had the affair,

and is working towards healing the marriage.

What it takes for the one who had the affair to heal?

What are the struggles those who’ve had affairs face?

What can be done to move beyond those struggles?

What is the unfaithful’s role and responsibility in healing?

What steps can the unfaithful spouse take toward healing the marriage?

Questions like: Will my spouse ever forgive me?

Listen to the May 27, 2009 teleseminar

Guy & Tammie talk about finding your own journey through your healing.

They also talk about how truth, time and separating the “person”

from the “behaviour” was their keys for healing.

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2 couples, Tim & Diana, plus Tim & Julie, are interviewed by Brian and Anne. They candidly share their experiences – how they healed their marriages after an affair.

Listen to the January 20, 2009 teleseminar – Brian & Anne share the 9 Important Keys to Healing a Marriage After an Affair.

Listen to the Dec. 23 – 2008 teleseminar! Hear from Jeff & Mary and Jack & Karen, couples who have attended the Healing From Affairs weekend in December 2008. Find out what they have to say about the weekend, and hear first hand some of the things they’ve learned through their own healing experiences, and what they wish they would’ve known and understood much sooner.

Listen to the Nov. 4 – 2008 teleseminar with Brian and Anne! Two other couples also candidly share their experiences of healing their marriages after an affair. Also some excellent down to earth questions from people “in the trenches” of trying to heal after an affair. Real people. Real problems. Real answers. Listen Now!

Listen to the tele-seminar on how to heal from an affair – Oct. 22-2008 – This call features Tim & Julie who are almost 100% healed from the affair in their marriage. Also Guy and Tammie share, who are 3 years beyond his affair. Learn about how to tell the truth, how much truth to tell, and when, and lots more!

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