Our Marriage

Brian & Anne Bercht

If marriage was anything like my parents relationship, I didn’t want any part of it, so as a young person, I decided I would never get married.

Then I met Brian Bercht and immediately re-evaluated this decision.

We had a whirlwind romance, and were married 5 weeks after the day we met.

anne and brian bercht on motorcycleTo the left is a picture of us leaving the church on our wedding day in the pouring rain in Houston, Texas, October 31, 1981. It was one of the best days of my life!

Today, we don’t recommend others get married as fast as we did. At the same time, we have no regrets about our marriage. Because of the distance between Texas and Canada where we respectively lived, and our commitment to refrain from sexual intimacy before marriage, we were counseled to get married right away and our parents gave their blessing. Imagine phoning your father at the age of 20, “Yeah dad, you see there’s these two guys from Canada that came down on motorcycles and well you see, I want to marry one of them!”

anne and brian weddingWe knew just about zero about being married 25 years ago when we made this commitment, but still we did a couple of things right.

1) We made a real commitment to each other, that we were both determined to keep, and 2) we made the commitment before engaging in sexual intimacy. Brian told me “you’re far too valuable of a woman for me to sleep with before I’ve made a promise to be true to you and take care of you for a lifetime.” My heart melted.

And so started our adventure, and were any of us to see the whole future that lay before us, I suppose we would be too frightened to start. Or we would try to take a short cut and miss the blessings the universe holds for all of us when we determine to live our lives with integrity, and no matter what happens to us, to never, never, never quit.

anne and brian bercht weddingLife seems to lead us upon a zigzagged path rather than straight to the goal, but I am convinced that each detour along the way holds a lesson uniquely designed to prepare us for our greater destiny, if we are only courageous enough to learn through our marriage.

As the saying goes, joy comes in the journey, not just in the final destination, and where we come from is not nearly as important as where we are going.

Who could have ever guessed we would one day be known as affair recovery specialists, Brian and Anne Bercht?