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Hear the candid, real, true life stories of 3 different women, ZsaZsa, Katie, and Sandy, and how they navigated the devastating aftermath of the unthinkable – their husband’s infidelity! Learn from their mistakes, as well as their successes, so your journey to healing can be smoother, smarter and faster. On December 26, 2016 ZsaZsa’s world […]

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Three betrayed women, Barbara, Jennifer and Saari share their personal in-progress stories healing after discovering their husband’s affair/s. What worked and what didn’t. Great advice in this podcast. Listen Now! by clicking on the link below. Barbara was in her second marriage (her first marriage also ended because of her husband’s adultery), and this was […]

  Read more » June 9, 2017 – Greg and Krista share their Healing From Affairs Seminar success story (we apologize for some technical difficulties about 10 minutes into this teleseminar, but we felt the information this couple shared was important to share with you to encourage you in your own healing journey) We are always excited when a […]

  Read more » May 31, 2017 – Mike and Cathy share their Healing From Affairs Seminar experience This teleseminar is truly an amazing testimony!  Tammie Waitley, Passionate Life Seminar’s Relationship Development Director and Assistant Director of BAN(The Beyond Affairs Network) recently had the privilege of speaking with a couple who had attended one of our Healing from Affairs […]

  Read more » May 6, 2017 – Anne Bercht’s Talk on Why Affairs Happen Affairs devastate husbands and wives, they destroy families and the lives of children and they weaken our nation. There is an evil person in our country who has earned millions of dollars destroying families. His business sports billboards with the slogan “Life is […]

  Read more » February 21, 2017 – Teleseminar on obstacles to healing and how to overcome them by Anne and Brian Bercht This is an amazing teleseminar where Brian and Anne Bercht share the obstacles to affair recovery and more importantly how to overcome these obstacles.  Listen and learn on how to overcome the obstacles you are […]

  Read more » December 5, 2016 – Teleseminar on how to survive the holidays after an affair by Anne and Brian Bercht Anne and Brian Bercht share key concepts on how to survive the holidays after an affair, especially if you an your spouse are trying to stay together.  How should you handle Christmas gifts?  How do […]

  Read more » November 7, 2016 Teleseminar – Overcoming Bitterness After Betrayal *Please note that this is taped message so if you have questions for Anne Bercht we ask that you email our office at as she shared and used a different email address during this podcast.   Are you struggling with bitterness after your spouse’s betrayal? […]

  Read more » October 16, 2016 Teleseminar – Should I Stay or Go After an Affair? We apologize that the beginning of this teleseminar has quite a bit of static on the line, but it was too good not to post and share with all of you.  The static does get better as the teleseminar goes on […]

  Read more » June 14, 2016 Tele-seminar – What are the factors that affect length of time to heal from an affair? This is one tele-seminar you do not want to miss!  Anne and Brian Bercht share transformational tips that will greatly impact your healing journey. They share positive and negative factors that can affect the length […]

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