My Husband’s Affair

… Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

My Husband's Affair Became The Best Thing That Happened To Me book cover

This book is temporarily unavailable. We are very excited to announce our New & Revised 10th Anniversary Edition to be released this Fall!

An inspiring true story of one couple’s journey to healing after the devastation of betrayal
“This Book is for Everyone!”
Spellbinding, Suspenseful, Compelling

From Tragedy to Triumph
Don’t just survive an affair,
became a better, happier and stronger person on the other side of the crisis.
You’ll learn:

  • How to Prevent Affairs
  • How to Survive an Affair
  • How to Support a Friend or Family Member

How could I choose such an outrageous book title?

What people are saying…. “Riveting….Mesmerizing…I couldn’t put the book down.”

 Available in Paperback or as an Audio Book

A gut honest true account of recovering from infidelity and surviving extramarital affairs… and coming out stronger and more in love than ever.

I loved this book! It is informative and gives a positive example for others struggling to rekindle their marriage after such trauma. Moving and very powerful emotionally. The insights and honesty offered are right on the money and extremely well articulated. There can be no greater goal than rebuilding a marriage to the benefit of both spouses and the family.  – Bettina Gregory, Psy. D, Host of American Life Television’s “American Family”

This book is temporarily unavailable. We are very excited to announce our New & Revised 10th Anniversary Edition to be released this Fall!

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This book is temporarily unavailable. We are very excited to announce our New & Revised 10th Anniversary Edition to be released this Fall!


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This book is temporarily unavailable. We are very excited to announce our New & Revised 10th Anniversary Edition to be released this Fall!

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“This book makes a wonderful contribution to the growing willingness of couples to “break the code of silence” and share their experience with affairs in order to help others. It offers clear insight into the pain involved as well as great hope for the power to recover and rebuild the marriage.” – Peggy Vaughan, author of “The Monogamy Myth” and Host of

“My Husbands Affair” deliberately removes itself from providing “the theoretical and psychological” explanations for the why of infidelity and instead purposes to take readers on a gut-honest, courageous, straight-from-the-heart journey into the lives of a couple/family who endured the aftermath of an affair. A must-read before couples, facing infidelity, make life decisions they may later regret. This book provides an alternative to the expected … hope that it’s not over. – Don Huston, BTh, MC, RCC, Couples Therapist

“After reading other books, I can honestly say that “My Husband’s Affair …” is the best one I have came across! It is a powerful and moving 360 view into personal lives, written from the heart, and a book that can help anyone navigating an affair; but also beneficial for affair prevention. This book gave me hope for the future. When my husband read the book, he was finally able to choose the path that was right for him, staying in our marriage. Destiny is about choice and this book definitely helped us to make the right choices.”
- L.T., Retired, Okanagan, British Columbia

This is a great book! Through Anne and Brian’s captivating journey readers will gain tremendous insight into the complexity of relationships and subtle pitfalls that can lead to infidelity. Couples dealing with the painful aftermath of affairs will find comfort, understanding and hope for the future. Pastors and therapists will become better equipped to support people through this life-shattering trauma. – Terry D. Anderson, Ph.D, Professor and Author of “Transforming Leadership”

Spellbinding. Suspenseful. Compelling. These incredibly powerful words describe Anne Bercht’s admirably candid new book, My Husband’s Affair Became the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me. In her inspiring true story, Ms. Bercht takes the reader on an incredible journey filled with fact and emotion to masterfully reveal how her husband’s affair which nearly destroyed their marriage, ultimately made her a better, stronger and happier woman. The book is skillfully written and filled with colorful language, brilliant insights, and hope—lots of hope—for those who are in the process of coping with their spouse’s infidelity.  Thank you, Anne, for sharing your story and your wisdom so that others may reap the benefit of your experience. Your amazing book truly has all the makings of a best seller! Good job! Bravo!!! – Cassandra Lynne, Author of LoveSpeak: “The Married Woman’s Guide to Love and Romance,”

This book is an example in which truth is far more interesting than fiction. It is a must read for anyone who is considering an affair, currently in an affair or living with the pain caused by an affair. Anne and Brian give the reader the unique opportunity to witness the rollercoaster of emotions from perspectives of both husband and wife and will leave the reader with realistic hope. The best part? You won’t be able to put it down! – Kelly Nault, Author of “When You’re About To Go Off The Deep End, Don’t Take Your Kids With You”

What a ride!  Anne captures her marital journey in a way that leaves you feeling as if you’ve just completed a double loop on a roller coaster . . . only to realize there’s another one coming! This authentic retelling of the real truth will grip the heart of anyone who has loved deeply. After reading their story, I see Anne and Brian as nothing less than heroic.  They are champions of honesty, commitment, perseverance . . . and true love. – Monica Columbus, Educator

In the movie Shadowlands somebody says “We read to know we are not alone.” For too long many have suffered in silence because of the stigma associated with affairs. This book gives an honest look at the reality of betrayal and offers hope through the testimony of one brave couple. Thank You Anne and Brian for your transparency and for letting us know we are not alone. – Margie Thaler, Design Consultant

Anne’s story often mirrored my own moments of unreality experienced after the discovery of my former partner’s affair. It provided an empathetic anchor in my struggle for survival in a sea of grief and self-doubt. – Deidra Robertson, Educator

As a woman who has been the “other woman” I can say that this is the first book that ever explained, from the “other woman’s” point of view, how being the “other woman” hurts me and will never get me what I want (See Chapter 13 ‘Meeting the Other Woman’). The construction paper demonstration that she did in Chapter 13 has convinced me. I will never sleep with a married man again! I also loved the way Anne found inspiration in everyday songs, books, situations and people. Reading this book has taught me to look at life a totally new way. Reads like a beach novel while providing wonderful insights. – Lisa, New York, NY

I’ve never read such a raw, candid account of a couple’s journey out of darkness.  You feel like you are right there with them, in the middle of the storm.  Warning:  Once you start reading, this book is impossible to put down! – Logan Hirsh
, Series Producer, American Family – GoodLife TV Network

Remarkably helpful, inspiring and true.  This is one brave, honest and loving family.  Their reconciliation offers  proof that forgiveness is possible.  Miracles are, too, when both partners are willing to own their responsibility for rebuilding their marriage. – Suzy Farbman, author of Back From Betrayal: Saving A Marriage, A Family, A Life

Dear Anne – Your book is for everyone! I stayed up until one o’clock in the morning reading it. I could not put it down. I have been married for eight years, have one two-year-old son, and would say that my marriage has been great thus far. My husband and I work hard on our marriage, get along very well and have not experienced infidelity. Even so, mirrored within the mistakes you made, I saw mistakes that I was already making in my marriage, seeds which could have led to future infidelity. I believe the knowledge I gained from reading your book will help me to avoid an affair in my own marriage, and improve the quality of my marriage overall. Thanks so much for the truth. – A Reader

Dear Anne – Your book is very well-written. It held my interest throughout, and I found myself very surprised. It carries a far greater message than I imagined. You must do all you can to get this book into the hands of as many readers as possible. I believe your book will make a tremendous difference for many. – A Reader

Dear Anne – I received your book in the mail at 11:00 am this morning. I am writing you tonight at 9:00 pm having read it cover to cover in just one day. Loved the book. Really well-written, and HONEST! Not many books out there with that kind of honesty cover to cover. It gives me hope. I hope to one day be where you and Brian are and be able to send you an email with the title of success story! Think big. – A Reader

Dear Anne – I just spent last night and this morning reading your book. I laughed and I cried. I cried at some of the poems and at some of the letters your husband wrote to you to express his sorrow, and I cried at all the hard work the two of you have done to save your marriage and how difficult the whole process has been. I was angry when you faced your husband’s affair partner and proud of how you were able to deal with it. I admire your family’s courage in bringing your challenges out into the open. When I read all of this I realized what we still need to do in our relationship. Your book has made me want to take more risks in our communication to find out what’s really happening. – A Reader

Dear Anne – I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  I stayed up till one in the morning trying to finish it. I could not put it down. You are an inspiration to all who have experienced what you have. It took a lot of guts to do what you did.  Wow, is all I can say. Your strength encourages everyone that there is hope.  Your book was very heart gripping and soulful.  It is as if the person reading the book is experiencing it with you. In your book you explain how communication is very important.  I have used your book numerous times in my marriage to speak to my husband and to ask him questions based on your book.  In the time that I have read your book and applied it to my marriage, my marriage has grown stronger and we are able to communicate better than ever before.  I noticed my faults and realized what I was doing wrong. I am not the person to accept faults and I am not perfect, but reading your book has helped me to understand and to change what I thought I did not have to change. – A Reader

Anne – You have written and honest, courageous and compelling account of a journey of transformation! I enjoyed reading it and often had a hard time putting it down. The last chapter is as good as anything I’ve seen in terms of outlining practical advise and identifying the key behaviors and attitudes that will affair proof a marriage. You have been refined by fire I think! – A Reader

Anne – Thank you so much for writing this book! Yours is an amazing story, you an amazing woman! I have been personally challenged by your outstanding example of commitment, strength of character and sense of purpose! God bless you and your family Anne, for sharing this important “counter culture” example of the power of love and forgiveness!
– A Reader

Anne: Yes, my Husband’s affair became the best thing that ever happened to me. Eventually.  But it was also the most devastating experience of my life. There was a time when I wondered if I could even live through it. While working to save the marriage, I faced other blows on the home front: a fire, drinking and driving, and the pain it caused our children. This is my story of survival.

Brian: After nearly two decades of marriage to a sexy, loving woman – with whom I made love almost nightly – I came home from work one evening and told her I was moving out, leaving her for another woman. Lucky for me, my wife refused to give up on our marriage. We are now closer and more committed than ever. She captured my heart twenty-two years ago and still has all of my love and desire. What you’re probably wondering is, if I loved my wife so much, why did I do it? In this book, I answer that question.

In reading this book, you, the reader have the opportunity to learn the great many truths that we did.Why did it happen? What was it really like? How did we heal our marriage? How could we have avoided this devastating experience? What is the truth about affairs? Is recovering from infidelity possible? Should you tell your children?

We do not condone extramarital affairs, but they happen, and we are committed to helping those who experience them to understand, heal and build greater lives on the other side. We are also committed to helping those who are a part of the fortunate few who will not have to endure this particular pain in their lives, to gain a greater understanding, compassion and ability to help those who must walk this thorny path.

Anne: If my marriage had not stayed together, I would have given my book the same title, because the journey to healing was more about becoming a stronger and better person through this experience than just about saving the marriage. Marriages can be healed and they can become much stronger and more fulfilling on the other side of an extramarital affair, but in order for this to happen it does take two. Both parties must be willing to grow and to pay the price. Find out how to recover from infidelity and have a better marriage after an affair. More importantly find out how you can become a better and happier person after an affair, regardless of whether you stay in the marriage or not.