How do you know if there is hope for your marriage?

Both the betrayed and the unfaithful wonder if there is hope for the marriage?

How do you know if there is hope for your marriage to heal after infidelity? November 2, 2010
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How do you know if there is hope for your marriage to heal?

In our own relationship, not having talked with anyone who had survived an affair in their marriage, we wondered if it was even possible.

Brian: I loved my wife and wanted my marriage, but wondered if it was even worth trying. There are all those levels of pain and hurt and frustration, that manifests itself in ugly talk and you wonder if healing a marriage is even possible.

It is something that every couple can work through if both spouses are willing.

Brian: For us, where we are today it has been so worth the effort.

Anne: There was a period of time when I walked around with such sadness, and I wondered if I could ever know a single day of happiness again. Today, our life is so amazing together, that sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask, “Is this real?”

One of the biggest rewards we got for healing our marriage after Brian’s affair was the respect of our children. As we faced the situation with courage, we faced it head on, we didn’t run away, and today we have absolutely no pain when I remember. I still remember Brian’s affair, but when I remember it doesn’t hurt me anymore.

One of the biggest rewards we’ve received is from our children, who have all come to us in their own words, and said, “you know what mom & dad, most of our friends parents have had exactly the same problems, but they just give up and quit. You worked it out and we really respect you for that.”

Our daughter, Danielle, who was 16 at the time of Brian’s affair, and suffered tremendously during that time. Recently she chose to get married in our backyard, with her father, Brian Bercht, walking her down the aisle. That speaks volumes of the healing that has taken place.

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