Unique Challenges – when the wife has an affair

September 20, 2010 – Unique Challenges when the wife has the affair.

Ronda: We were on the edge of the crisis when we first met you guys.

When the wife has an affair (transcript begins):

Couples Barry & Ronda, Mike & Kim, and Greg & Daphne share with host Brian Bercht

Ronda: We were on the edge of the crisis when we first met you guys.

Brian: Barry, how has your relationship changed since you came to Healing from Affairs?

Barry: I don’t take my identity from my relationship anymore. That was one of the hardest obstacles for me to get over. In doing that, it has helped our healing so much.

Brian: Mike and Kim, share a little of your background, and how things have progressed since we met?

Kim: We had the unique opportunity of reading Anne’s book when it first came out, and I was just ending my affair. I kept my affair a secret for 5 years. Eventually I felt compelled to share about my affair with Mike. I had good tools from the book to start the journey, but still it wasn’t going well. We attended Healing from Affairs in Dallas, which was ultimately what brought us to healing.

Mike: Healing from Affairs was definitely …. We tried everything on our own to work it out, and it wasn’t going to happen. Healing from Affairs gave us the tools to not only heal from the affair, but we continue to use those tools daily to keep our marriage strong.

Brian: Mike is a “get it done” kind of guy. So not being able to heal his relationship was a challenge.

Mike: Yes, it was hard, because I never ask for help from anyone. I thought it would be impossible to get to the place where I’m at today.

Brian: I consider it a privilege to have worked with Greg & Daphne.

Greg: We came to see Anne and Brian 3-4 days after disclosure.

Brian: So you were in total devastation? Still in shock? We shared with you some stuff, and the unique circumstance you were dealing with. How long did things go for you before you thought, “we’ve actually turned the corner and now we’re in a good place? Healed?”

Greg: It took about a year, maybe only 10 months. We had met you in May. And at Christmas we were doing quite well. So it was 10 months to 1 year.

Brian: The first hour of this tele seminar we are going to talk with the women who have had an affair and address some unique issues. And then we are going to open up the lines for questions.

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