ZsaZsa, Katie, and Sandy

Hear the candid, real, true life stories of 3 different women, ZsaZsa, Katie, and Sandy, and how they navigated the devastating aftermath of the unthinkable – their husband’s infidelity! Learn from their mistakes, as well as their successes, so your journey to healing can be smoother, smarter and faster.

On December 26, 2016 ZsaZsa’s world fell apart, when her husband came home bent on the “D” word – Divorce! After attending Take Your Life Back her marriage made a U-turn, and started heading for healing and reconciliation instead.

Katie, a strong Christian woman, had been married for 27 years, when she found herself facing her husbands second affair. The first time she had taken the blame, and then they tried to sweep it under the rug. That didn’t work. Now 13 years later, she was in this devastating place again. Her husband was willing to meet all of her requirements, except ending the affair!!!

From Katie’s story you can learn why so many betrayed women fail when they give their spouse’s ultimatums – it’s about when and how you do it. Through Katie’s sharing we also come to understand what goes wrong for so many Christians, when it comes to navigating the complicated and often chaotic aftermath of an affair in a marriage. And there is so much more to learn from the many ups and downs that Katie faced.

Sandy, who had known her husband since she was 18, shares her honest struggle to finally accept that no matter how much she did, her husband was not willing to do his part. How do you get your happiness back after divorce? And what can you do to discover, is there hope for your marriage or not?

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