Melissa Nancy May 2016

May 4, 2016 – Melissa & Nancy, betrayed spouses, share their stories and what is helping them heal

This podcast addresses the following questions and topics:

  • What do you do when the “why I had an affair” reason doesn’t even make sense?
  • How does a couple discover the real why?
  • How do you get your spouse to be willing to get help?
  • Multiple affairs
  • Long-term affairs
  • Trickle truth
  • Lies after disclosure
  • Signs of infidelity
  • When you first find out


Melissa had been married 12 years, together with her husband for 15, when she learned about her husband’s affair. As she shares her story of recovery from her husband’s affair she is only 4 months out from her D-day. Her husband’s affairs involved pornography, 2 emotional affairs, strip clubs, a one night stand, one long distance affair, and most recently a 7 month affair with a coworker. Find out how to expedite your recovery and deal well with the early days as she shares her experience. Learn how to deal with the trickle truth, and most importantly, find out what she did to be doing so well only 4 months past devastation.


Nancy had been married for 30 years when it became evident that something was wrong in her marriage. She knew something wasn’t right and asked her husband over and over again if he was ok and if he was having an affair.  He just told her he wasn’t happy and that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be married anymore. She thought there must be something wrong with her.  After 18 subsequent months of counselling, he finally admitted to a 15 month affair with a co-worker.  Nancy describes the experience as heart-wrenching. Full disclosure is only 7 months ago. While her future is still uncertain, find out how Nancy is finding strength and insight to move through the pain, hurt, and anger towards healing, and hope for her future, with or without her husband. She wants her marriage, but not if she’s not going to be loved and cherished. She shares the things she wishes someone had shared with her early on.

Melissa Nancy, May 5, 2016, Podcast