Help for Betrayed Wives – Part 1

Amazing wisdom and help for betrayed wives. Hear the real, live stories from women who have been there!

April 24, 2013 – 4 betrayed wives- Cyndi, Peggy, Carol & Carmen – share their stories. Amazing!


“I found out about my husband’s affair in February 2011. We started working on the marriage trying to restore. Then I found out last June that he was still in touch with his affair partner, and now we are in the process of getting a divorce. We have 2 children. My older daughter is away at school. I have a 17-year old son still at home. I felt that I was doing pretty well in my recovery. But when I spoke to Anne, she encouraged me to attend Take Your Life Back, and I’m so glad I did. I wouldn’t have come if she hadn’t encouraged me, but Take Your Life Back was life changing for me!”


“I am 2 years and 2 months from discovery of my husbands affair, an emotional affair. I have 2 beautiful children, young, ages 9 and 6. The seminar was life-changing for me. Prior to me discovering the affair I could sense we needed help. I could sense that our train was going too fast, and it was going to crash. I thought, ‘something is happening here,’ but I couldn’t pin point it. We even started attending marriage counseling before disclosure. Take Your Life Back gave me the missing pieces of the puzzle to help me heal from this event. We are in the healing process. Thank God! I have to attribute this to what Anne calls “Aha!” moments, ones I received at Take Your Life Back, and ones that I continue to have after.”


“I am 13 months from day of discovery. Married 24 years, trying to reconcile. We have 2 children. 17 and 24 at the time. Unfortunately, this whole thing unfolded right in front of my 24-year old daughter, so it has affected the dynamics of the whole family.”


“I have been married 6.5 years. Disclosure day was April 2012, so just about 1 year ago. We are working on repairing and rebuilding our marriage. I have children from a previous marriage. My first husband was also unfaithful to me. I came into the marriage, trying still to get answers about my first marriage.”

To find out what happens to Cyndi, Peggy, Carol and Carmen, and what you can learn from their stories to help you on your own, listen to the audio seminar by clicking on the link above.