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August 25, 2012 – Take Your Life Back! Cheryl Georgia Charlene Teresa Tina & Pam.
Have you ever wondered what the Take Your Life Back retreat is all about? This teleseminar gives you the inside scoop on this life changing weekend. You will hear powerful testimonies from betrayed spouses who have attended this seminar and have come away with a whole new outlook on life. They have truly taken their lives back!

Cheryl Georgia Charlene Teresa Tina Pam Julie

Cheryl: I am less than a year from D-day. Married 23 years, together 30 years. We had a strong marriage until 2 years ago. I was completely devastated. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to kill my husband. It was physical pain. It’s heartbreaking. It’s devastating. It’s like the movies. You’re sitting in a corner just rocking back and forth in pain. I love my husband, and I’m hoping my marriage can work. A lot of this took place a year ago, so I’m now living the anniversary triggers. Before TYLB, I was having horrible nightmares about the other woman. I was obsessing about her. I looked at the email from Anne about TYLB, and I thought, “I can’t afford it.”

Georgia: My situation is unique. Married 9 years. It was 3 years ago, July 4, that I found out my husband had engaged in 2 affairs. I then found the website. I became a BAN coordinator. Our marriage had been fairly decent for 3 years, until recently when I found out my husband had another affair. I now think that if we would’ve been to Healing from Affairs this would not have happened. The price of the seminar had discouraged me. Now I wish I would’ve seen it differently, because these seminars are exactly what I needed. I am an empowered woman in every way … except my marriage. After TYLB, I felt empowered and free, able to make decisions. It gave me a thought process to evaluate my husband and my marriage and my life. At the moment, we are pursuing separation. I feel relieved. I haven’t cried for a couple of weeks, and that’s a miracle! I learned to quit trying so hard when my husband isn’t doing his part.

Julie – Passionate Life Coach: We all have such strength within ourselves to overcome any experience. It was so rewarding to see women walk in so broken, and then leave so strong. It’s amazing to see the resilience we have as woman. Everybody there had a different story, but it didn’t matter. Some were divorcing. Some were reconciling. Yet we all were similar. We all could be strong no matter what the choice was going to be about the marriage.

Charlene: 7 months ago I learned of my husband’s 2-year affair. We’ve been married for 20 years. I’ve known him for 26 years. During the course of my life, I’ve had many obstacles to overcome. He had supported me. I had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and I underwent a double mastectomy. He had supported me. I found out the other woman had beautiful breasts. My self-esteem was shattered. I had suffered death of a sibling. I was a very strong person, but not with this. When I arrived at TYLB, the women will tell you I was broken, shattered, and with no self-esteem. I learned how to take my life back, and that I am a beautiful woman. My husband and I are working to reconcile our marriage. I’m still dealing with him saying, “It was a mistake. It was irrational behavior.” We are going to be attending Healing from Affairs.

Before Take Your Life Back, I was not able to function. I was not able to be a mother. I was not able to perform at work. Money was an issue. I didn’t think I could afford it. I only registered 2 days before the seminar. Good thing you accepted me that late!

Note! As of May 2015, Charlene and Joe have fully healed their marriage. They are now mentors at Healing from Affairs, Charlene now coaches at TYLB and Joe coaches other men, at Man of Honor!

Teresa: My husband and I have now have been married for 24 years. I found out about his first affair 4 years ago. It took a year for him to come clean. And I found out about other affairs. He ended the affair. He is incredibly remorseful. We went through 3 marriage counselors. Before I came to the seminar I was constantly looking for someone to give me the validation that what I was going through was normal. If I had gone to TYLB shortly after I found out, it would not have been a 4 – 5 year journey for me. I have 4 kids. As a mom, I constantly put everyone elses needs before my own. Since the seminar, I’ve registered to go back and finish my undergrad degree. I’ve lost 2 dress sizes. I’m in exercise classes. And I feel strong again.  No one in my circle of friends knows about what’s gone on with me, so you find yourself living a façade. You go to functions, but inside you are falling apart! Now I have the power to treat myself better, and to be true to myself.

Tina: We were married 17 years, when I discovered that he had had multiple affairs. The information trickled out over time. It’s been 3 years since the discovery. I learned that confession doesn’t equal restitution. I believe the person who was hurt should define what that restitution should look like. My husband was remorseful and was doing things, but it wasn’t the things that were needed. I also learned that consequences are needed. I think forgiveness has to be earned. From the hurt persons side, I believe there are just stages you go through, and those stages are unavoidable; grief, pain, shock, craziness, anxiety ridden. I had to get to a stage of anger. I had to get to that last stage in order to turn things around for me. I was trying to control my husband, change him, fix him. Asking for a separation from my husband gave me peace, a sense of independence. It was a risk for me to state that I am willing to be alone, rather than to be treated like this.

Pam: Married 20 years. 3 years since disclosure. I’ve been going through depression. I’d seen several counselors. We had a very dysfunctional marriage. We came from dysfunctional backgrounds. We’ve had to change counselors. This accounts for the time going by. I now have my answers. I’m now a much better marriage partner. He had moved out, but we were still seeing each other every day. I came to a point where I had all the answers, and I had done so much personal growth work on me, and my husband wasn’t doing his part. Something was wrong. Something was missing. That’s why I came to TYLB. After TYLB, my husband saw the difference in my right away. As a result he agreed to do the Healing from Affairs seminar.

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