Tim and Julie – Tim and Diana

Two couples who healed their marriages after an affair, Tim and Julie, and Tim and Diana, honestly share their journeys of recovery.

April 21, 2009: Couples ‘Tim and Julie’ and ‘Tim and Diana‘ are interviewed by Brian and Anne. They candidly share their experiences – how they healed their marriages after an affair.

Anne & Brian: People write to us and say “Yes, we know you healed your marriage, but you guys are special. What about regular couples?”

Anne: It makes me chuckle to think that we are no longer a ‘normal’ couple. But we are happy to now be joined by many other couples who have also healed their marriages.

Tim and Julie:

Married 19 years. Affair happened 2 years ago. Full disclosure was 4 months later (after attending Healing from Affairs). Tims affair was with Julie’s friend. She thought it was only an emotional affair when they came to the Healing from Affairs seminar. Attending Healing from Affairs gave Tim the understanding and the tools to know that he needed to tell the whole truth. After the seminar, he confessed that it had been a full blown emotional and physical affair for a much longer period than what he had first told Julie it was.

Tim discusses how before coming to the seminar he was afraid to come. One of the things, Tim did before his affair was to minimize what had really happened. At the weekend Tim learned that this minimizing was not going to work, and he had to come clean. The weekend gave him the tools and the courage to tell the whole truth to his wife Julie.

They both share that their healing did not start until Tim told the full truth.

Anne: The classic affair recovery mistake is to minimize the truth about the details of the affair. The unfaithful justifies this to themselves, because they tell themselves that, “if my spouse knows the full truth, it will hurt them too much.”

The truth of the matter is that they are actually protecting themselves from pain, because they are afraid of the reaction of their betrayed spouse. The unfaithful spouse is actually afraid that telling the truth will hurt themselves too much. Its scary to tell the truth.

Anne: Julie – How did it feel when you got the whole truth?

It encouraged me, because if it was this bad, it must be the full truth, and if I have the full truth it encourages me, because that means he is working to rebuild the marriage. If he is telling me the full truth, I can begin to start trusting him again.

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