Mike and Esther

Mike and Esther – Recorded June 10, 2015

Mike and Esther share their healing story…their “million percent miracle!”  Listen to Mike & Esther share how they healed their marriage after Mike’s affair was disclosed 3 years ago.

This is a good, moral couple, who loved each other, with a good marriage, who never thought this could happen to them. During a seminar they were taking together, the presenters were sharing how secrets are bad, and Mike knew he had to come clean, so he told Esther. He had thought he could never tell her. He was sure that if he did, she would walk out on him and their marriage would be over.

Esthers first reaction was disbelief…but as reality sank in, so did the pain, she felt like the sky was falling, like she wanted to die, she found it hard to breathe, and experienced physical pain in her chest.

Fast-forward 3 years to today. Mike is one of many men, who attended a recent Man of Honor weekend with Brian Bercht. To honor him, Esther created a short video greeting for him.  With their permission, we are now sharing it with all of you.

Click on this link to watch Esther’s video

Asked if 3 years ago Esther could’ve remotely imagined that she would be sending such a word of encouragement to her husband, and she said “it is a million percent miracle!”

The both had to work to get to this point, but the rewards are worth it. Listen as they share what they did right, what they did wrong, how they got through it, and the advice they would give to other couples currently on their own healing journey.

If you and your spouse are both willing, and with the right road map and tools that we can provide, you can have your own “million percent miracle!”  We can help you get there!