Healing from Affairs Success Story-Greg & Krista

June 9, 2017 – Greg and Krista share their Healing From Affairs Seminar success story (we apologize for some technical difficulties about 10 minutes into this teleseminar, but we felt the information this couple shared was important to share with you to encourage you in your own healing journey)

We are always excited when a couple wants to share how working with us, through coaching which we do over the phone or via Skype, which allows us to have clients all over the world, and attending our seminars, Healing from Affairs, Man of Honor and Take Your Life Back has given them the tools, help and support they need to heal as individuals and as a couple.

We hope you enjoy this amazing true story of Greg and Krista as Anne Bercht interviews them about their affair story, healing journey and what they believe got them to where they are…honored to say they attribute much of their success to Passionate Life Seminars.  We do have an incredible success rate especially if both parties are committed to doing the work and using the tools, support and resources we provide.  The couples that are “all in” and committed to the healing process really can have the happily ever after that everyone desires but believes is impossible after the pain of an affair.

We are thankful for couples like this who want to give back and share their recovery success story.  We believe the best is yet to come from Greg and Krista and we also believe the same thing for you!

Please call our office at 360-306-3367 or email us at info@beyondaffairs.com and let us help you be successful in your affair healing journey.  We know you can do it and we can show you how!