Should I Stay or Go After an Affair?

October 16, 2016 Teleseminar – Should I Stay or Go After an Affair?

We apologize that the beginning of this teleseminar has quite a bit of static on the line, but it was too good not to post and share with all of you.  The static does get better as the teleseminar goes on so it’s definitely worth listening to.

Anne Bercht shares great information and insight on how to determine if you should stay or go after there has been an affair in your marriage.  She also answers questions and discusses how to handle if there has been abuse in a marriage as that will play a big part in one’s decision to leave the marriage.  Anne walks you through determining factors, using wisdom, insight and what helped with her personal decision to stay in her marriage as well as clients that her and Brian have worked with over the years and how they decided whether they should stay or go.

This is really an amazing teleseminar that will help YOU make this very big decision.

We encourage you to reach out to our office as well at or by calling our office at 360-306-3367 as we want to support you in your healing journey and we also know that making that decision may also require some coaching or attending a seminar.  This is a big decision to make and we encourage you make it from a healthy, healed place and not an emotional reaction after learning of your spouse’s affair.  No matter what you decide, we know that there is happiness waiting for you on the other side of your decision.  We look forward to helping you discover the life you want and desire!