Guidance and Direction for the Betrayed Spouse

October 7, 2015 – Guidance and Direction for the Betrayed Spouse

Anne Bercht hosts this teleseminar focusing on help for the betrayed spouse. If you are the unfaithful partner, this teleseminar will be helpful to you as well because the more you know about your spouse’s needs, the more you can support them and avoid common errors, which helps you too.

Anne gives an overview of the Passionate Life seminars and resources that can help you minimize the pain and the mistakes made on the healing journey and thereby reduce the healing time.

If you are the betrayed spouse, you are most likely going to go through a few phases. Most affair recovery specialists say it takes two years to heal from an affair. Some of the couples Anne and Brian have worked with have healed within a year and the common denominator they noticed was that these were the couples who got good help early in their healing process.  The biggest mistakes made on the unfaithful side is not being 100% honest and telling all of the truth, but instead doing what’s called “trickle truth.” (It’s better to “rip the bandaid off” yet not in the form of a verbal vomit.)  The biggest mistake made on the betrayed side is doing and saying things in anger that they may later come to regret … ”You can’t hurt your way to healing.”

Anne shares great insight on how the first year can look like in the healing process for the betrayed spouse.   She also shares details about how this looks if you are not healing your marriage, but rather facing divorce.

At the end of this teleseminar, Anne opens up and answers many questions from other betrayed spouses for over 30 minutes and covers all kinds of great questions, that you probably yourself have. Anne shares guidance and direction for betrayed spouses throughout this over one hour long tele seminar.