When you fall in love with your affair partner

September 3, 2014 – When you fall in love with your affair partner

When a person who is caught up in the affair is still caught up in the affair, they usually feel they are in love with their affair partner. Later, when an affair ends, they usually come to the realization that they were not in love with their affair partner after all. But if we tell an unfaithful partner this, while they still feel in love, they are not going to receive it.

There are 3 situations we will address in this audio seminar:

1. When you want to save your marriage, but you’re dealing with strong feelings for your affair partner. You want your marriage. You realize your marriage is more important than your affair.

2. When you are hesitant. You’re still in love with your affair partner. Perhaps you’re affair is discovered. Perhaps not. But you’re trying to figure out what to do.

3. When you’re still in your affair and you love your affair partner.

Congratulations for finding us, and for viewing/listening to this audio seminar on what to do when you fall in love with your affair partner.

If you’re the betrayed partner listening because of curiosity, you’re going to need to bear with us. This is about facing truth.

You may experience feelings in your affair that you haven’t experienced in quite a number of years. When the love we originally had for our spouse starts to dissipate, that is really the time we need to be looking at ourselves, and ask ourselves, how much energy and effort were we putting into our marriage? There are so many things that can keep us from putting time and energy into our relationship. “When I get past this, when I get past that.” This lack of energy and time into the marriage (for practical reasons), begins to kill the feelings we had in our marriage.

Meanwhile when we somehow get caught up in an affair, we suddenly find time to put energy and effort into the affair (and consequently stealing even more energy from our marriage).

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