7 Hints for every betrayed spouse

March 31, 2012: 7 Hints for every betrayed spouse.

Anne Bercht shares 7 hints for every betrayed spouse. Then she interviews 3 individuals who honestly share healing stories. Madelyn, David and Maureen.

Madelyn: Before TYLB I was truly stuck and consumed by the betrayal, even though it had been more than a year. Because of the trickle truth, I was still in post-traumatic stress. I was in devastation. Every day was a struggle. My husband and I are trying very hard to work on our marriage now, but before the Take Your Life Back seminar I just wasn’t grounded.

One of the major things I learned during the weekend is that I have a voice. I also learned that I have choices. I also learned that I’m not a prisoner of my thoughts. I’m not a prisoner of what happened to me. I have a choice to become better or bitter.

I learned that I have the power to change myself. I’m a different person today!

Maureen: I was married to my husband for 18 years. I discovered 3 years ago that he was cheating on me. I discovered because he accidentally texted me instead of this woman. He denied initially, but through my own research I had too much proof. I decided I wanted out of the marriage, and it became ugly unfortunately, because I was the breadwinner in our relationship, and he wanted a big financial settlement. I came to TYLB even after my divorce, but I was still going through divorce courts with my ex-husband and it was very painful, so I was still hurting deeply when I came to TYLB. I walked into the seminar with a huge amount of raw pain.

David: We had been married for 15 years. 2 boys together. I found out 2 years ago about the affair. I tried very hard for about 8 months to rebuild our marriage, but ultimately ended up making the decision to separate and divorce. We just finalized our divorce last week. Before TYLB, I had read a lot, prayed a lot, gone to counseling, so I felt I had a good understand of why she had an affair, and I was embracing forgiveness. I had been totally devasted when the affair came out. But in the recovery journey, I had totally exhausted myself. I lost my career job with Microsoft, and was financially devastated. When I came to TYLB, I was devastated. I had found out about TYLB more than a year ago from attending BAN.

I lost everything in the post affair aftermath, my wife, my job, and I was no longer able to be a full time father any more. I used to be able to play with the kids, read them bedtime stories, tuck them in at night, and now I am no longer going to be able to be a dad for my kids every day. All these things had caused me to develop a hard shell around me.

Click on the link above to listen to the tele seminar, and hear Madelyn, David and Maureen tell their own stories of recovery!