How can the betrayed spouse heal?

February 9, 2012 – How can the betrayed spouse heal?

Whether your marriage heals, or it doesn’t we hope you chose to have a great life on the other side!

Every betrayed spouse story is different. People used to write to me and say, “Anne, your story is my story.” Each story is different. I realized, it’s the emotions that are the same, and it is these emotions, I captured in my book (where I told my story) that people resonate with.

In the early stages as betrayed spouses the first 6 months is a period of chaos and trauma. One of the first questions I ask betrayed spouses is, “Have you slept?” It’s hard to sleep after you discover the betrayal of your spouse, and yet if you’re not sleeping, your brain isn’t functioning at it’s best.

The second questions is, “Have you eaten?” For many betrayed spouses it’s hard to eat. If you can’t eat, at least choke down a meal replacement drink, because your brain needs nutrients to recover. And you need your brain, because you are facing some of the most important decisions of your life.

This is just the introduction. Start listening now, to an audio seminar filled with great information to help betrayed spouses heal … from someone who has been there, and spent the past 12 years, taking as many other betrayed spouses with me to victory beyond the injustice and the pain too! – Anne Bercht