Barbara, Jennifer and Saari

Three betrayed women, Barbara, Jennifer and Saari share their personal in-progress stories healing after discovering their husband’s affair/s. What worked and what didn’t. Great advice in this podcast. Listen Now! by clicking on the link below.

Barbara was in her second marriage (her first marriage also ended because of her husband’s adultery), and this was her husband’s second bout with infidelity, when Take Your Life Back changed her life forever. D-day was January 1, 2017. She says her husband was always restless, kind of half in the marriage and half out. At D-day, he left saying, “you’re crazy.” In reality it was him, who had lost his mind. Some very dark days followed. Expedite your own healing by learning from Barbara’s gut honest sharing.

Saari had been married for 30+ years when she discovered that her husband had been unfaithful 4 years prior. Not knowing, Saari had been denied a voice and her choice, which led to a lot of justified resentment. Her husband’s affair partner was now deceased, so any kind of closure through a meeting was no longer possible. Saari is a smart, sharp and wise woman. You will learn so much for your own journey as she articulates so well great wisdom and advice for all.

Jennifer had been married for 18 years when she found out about her husbands 6 month affair with a co-worker. Her husband was forced to tell her, because the other woman and her husband told him, that if he didn’t one of them would. Jennifer describes the shock and the trauma so well. “Let yourself fall apart,” she says. You don’t have to keep up appearances. From chaos to clarity. Find out how she did it!