Why do people cheat?

Recorded on November 20, 2014 – Why do people cheat?

There is a difference between:

1. People who have affairs, who believe having an affair is wrong. They could be involved with multiple affairs, pornography, sex addiction, chat rooms, massages with happy endings, emotional affairs, dating websites etc. – but deep down they believe affairs are wrong.

2. There are others who believe infidelity is not wrong. They feel entitled. They have bought into our cultures myths that monogamy is not realistic. – We will not be addressing those people.

Step #1 to being monogamous is believing monogamy is realistic. If you believe everyone has affairs, you will have affairs. Your belief system has to support fidelity as a value as a pre-requisite to being monogamous.

We are addressing the people where infidelity is a shock for people who know them.

The reason why most good moral people get caught in affairs is a lack of self-awareness – a lack of knowing how to put good boundaries in place – naivety. Many men get caught in affairs after attempting to “rescue” the other woman. They are trying to be the hero.