How long does it take to heal?

May 9, 2016 Teleseminar-How long does it take to heal?

This is one of our best teleseminars EVER!  Get ready for an hour and a half of great healing information to make your journey less painful and more transformational!

This podcast addresses the following questions:

  • Anne answers many questions on the subject of how long does it take to heal?
  • What does “healed” look like?
  • Can your marriage really be better after an affair?
  • Are you ever really healed?
  • Q & A at the end of the podcast

Mike and Darcy share their stories as betrayed men and Chris and Jane share their stories as betrayed women.  They give advice for people brand new in their healing journey and the common theme is get good help and don’t suffer alone.  All of them and their relationships have personally benefited from some of the Passionate Life Seminars such as a Healing from Affairs Weekend and/or Take Your Life Back and/or Man of Honor and share what they learned by working with Anne, Brian and the Passionate Life coaching team.

This podcast will encourage, equip and empower you for your healing journey.