Clients Mike and Cathy Share their Healing from Affairs Experience

May 31, 2017 – Mike and Cathy share their Healing From Affairs Seminar experience

This teleseminar is truly an amazing testimony!  Tammie Waitley, Passionate Life Seminar’s Relationship Development Director and Assistant Director of BAN(The Beyond Affairs Network) recently had the privilege of speaking with a couple who had attended one of our Healing from Affairs seminars, which is the couple’s intensive seminar weekend, with all of the sessions delivered by Anne and Brian Bercht and supported by their team of coaches and mentors who have also successfully healed from an affair.  These seminars are offered once a quarter and we thought that the best way to share what that experience is like is to hear from a real couple that really attended and is really doing the work.

Mike and Cathy attended their Healing from Affairs Weekend November 2016 and they candidly share what got them there, what tools they learned, what was most meaningful for them and how the 6 follow-up coaching sessions and Mike being a part of Brian’s bi-weekly Men’s support group (which are included with the seminar) have helped them on the right path of healing after they returned home.

Mike and Cathy’s story is real, powerful and incredibly encouraging.  To hear them speak about their pain and the hope and love they have for each other today is truly miraculous.  They have embraced the healing process and done the work and now they are continuing to grow and move forward, even through the ups and downs because they now have tools that really work.  They also share how the communication tools they learned are helping them in other areas of their lives.  They are so thankful to be where they are today and believe one day they will be able to help other couples get on the other side of their pain.  We believe you will thoroughly enjoying hearing their story and about their Healing from Affairs Seminar experience.

If you and your spouse are thinking of attending a Healing from Affairs Seminar NOW is the time…don’t wait another day…if Mike and Cathy can do it…so can you!

We believe in you and we can show you how to find total and complete healing as individuals and as a couple.  Join us for our next Healing from Affairs Weekend because your miracle is waiting for you!

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