Brian and Anne Bercht answer questions live

January 22, 2009 – Brian and Anne Bercht answer questions live.

If a person had an affair outside the marriage, and now they want to remain “just friends” with their affair partner, how do you know if it’s a deal breaker?

Question: How, Anne, were you able to get past Brians’ affair and not bring it up anymore? What did Brian do for you?

Question: How do you and Brian, not discuss Brian’s affair anymore?

Question: How can I get my husband to call Brian?

Patty: My husband chose to divorce me, and my husband never gave me full disclosure. So my situation is difficult to resolve on my own. Since my situation is different, I’m wondering is there special help for me? I’m afraid that I would feel out of place at a BAN support group, because most people would be reconciling their marriages. I find it very beneficial for me when Brian speaks.

Donna: How do you rebuild trust if your spouse has to be away for work, after disclosure? Being apart makes rebuilding trust almost impossible. I feel like I’m at my last legs, and I’m told because of the economy etc. he has to keep working out of town.

Question: My husband went away with the other girl. They are on a trip this weekend. He keeps giving me hope, but the affair is still going on. Do I want to be with a man who keeps lying to me, and is continuing in his affairs, but he keeps telling me, just be patient and give me time?

Question: My husband had an affair not quite 2 years ago. I thought our marriage was going good. Then last week, I found out he’s been going to strip clubs for the past 6 months. He says he knew it would hurt me, but he didn’t think I would find out. What should I do? How can I trust again?

Question: My husband had an affair at work. He says he’s complying. It is fair for me to ask my husband to leave the job where the affair partner works?

Question: Anne, how do you respect your husband again? My husband was a Christian man, then he slept with a married woman, he gave me an STD, especially after reading the emails and texts I’ve read between them?

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