Affair Prevention 101

November 18, 2015 – Affair Prevention 101

Anne and Brian Bercht share 11 keys on Affair Prevention.  They share what they learned before Brian’s affair and what they learned after Brian’s affair on how to prevent an affair understanding that the only person you can truly prevent from having an affair is YOURSELF.  Great information on how to protect yourself and your relationship from an affair.  The goal of this teleseminar is to equip and empower you with great resources to have a great relationship.  Great relationships happen by design not by default and understanding and living these 11 keys can set you up for success.

The number one key is being aware and learning that anyone could have an affair…one of the biggest vulnerabilities is thinking “I would never have an affair”.  Anne and Brian share a lot of information from their past experience and from the hundreds of couples they have worked with.  For couples wanting to go deeper in their understanding and implementation of these keys, Passionate Life Seminars and coaching offer a roadmap on how to use these tools to the best of your ability.

They end the call with questions and answers and go deep into what to do if you are wanting to prevent more affairs after an affair has already happened.  Anne and Brian share amazing insight and resources to help every marriage be better and stronger.