How to Recover from Multiple Affairs

“I googled ‘How to Recover from Multiple Affairs'”

Sarah from South Carolina shares her experience at Healing from Affairs“Going into the weekend we had no idea what to expect. My husband was worried our story would be the worst case and that he would be the “bad guy” of the weekend. I felt as if we would be the worst case and it would cement all the reasons why I would need to leave the marriage. I found Beyond Affairs one night while googling “how to recover from multiple affairs.”

“I just wanted some sort of hope that it was actually possible. Beyond Affairs came up in my feed and I saw the next seminar was within a 2 hour drive and only a month away. I messaged the site that night and got a reply back from Brian Bercht within two days. I grabbed onto that lifeline and showed my husband.

“My husband was surprised I was looking for help, and maybe a tad bit hopeful as well. Up until we were pulling out of the driveway, I wasn’t sure if we should just cancel. What was the point? My heart was broken, and sadly this wasn’t the first time- how could I ever trust him again?

“I had so many questions that I had little hope of getting answers to: How could he do this? How could he do this, again?! How did a person cross so many boundaries? How could he not understand how everything related to one another? Did he hate me? Did he love me? Did he even like me? What was wrong with ME? Why should I stay? Should I stay?

“When I found out that my husband had another affair, I was in a state of shock. I was beyond angry and hurt, I couldn’t eat much, I slept very little, my personal hygiene was very much on the back burner.

“I remember walking into the hotel, my husband and I wondered if they would have “Healing From Affairs” signs all over the place. We worried that EVERYONE would know the reason we were there, to our relief that was completely not the case.

“Brian and Anne Bercht understand what we were dealing with. They have walked in our shoes and they are professionals and discrete.

“During the seminar my husband and I had so many lightbulb moments we probably could have lit up time square. I, the betrayed partner was validated in my feelings and told many times that nothing I did caused his affairs. It was not my fault. I was also able to see how my husband got to this point. And I was even able to gain some empathy for him. That one I never saw coming.

“Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t feel sorry for my husband and I wasn’t ready to forgive him by time we left, but my husband and I both left with something we went there for- hope & tools. We were given many tools and were also reminded we wouldn’t be going the next few weeks alone. Brian and Anne did calls with us weekly helping us continue to grow and heal as a couple.

“Today, a little over a year later I can honestly say without a doubt, that if it were not for the help of Anne, Brian and their team we probably wouldn’t be together – or maybe worse than that, we might still be stuck. Being stuck is awful, and I highly encourage those who no longer want to be stuck to reach out to Beyond Affairs. It has been one of the best things we’ve ever done for our marriage. My only regret is that we didn’t do it after the first affair.”

  • Sarah, South Carolina

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