Surviving Infidelity

Surviving Infidelity

Important Tips Towards Surviving Infidelity

The commonest cause of break up in a relationship is infidelity. Instead of breaking up immediately, why not work towards surviving the infidelity? More than half of relationships are laden with infidelity issues. While it has destroyed some relationships, it made some even stronger. Here a few pieces of advice.

Prevention of infidelity

The most effective method of surviving infidelity is preventing it. Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure all the time. Only one thing causes infidelity – sex. Why not step up your sexual skill and make it difficult for someone else to snatch your partner?

If you find it difficult to satisfy your partner sexually, you are laying a foundation for infidelity. However, this is not to say lack of sexual satisfaction is the only cause of infidelity. Rather, it is one of the causes.

Find out the cause of his/her infidelity

When you find out that your partner has been cheating on you, instead of freaking out and raising hell, calm down to ask him some questions. You will feel better when you talk it over. Ask him/her for your actions or inactions that have pushed him/her into infidelity.

Immediate break up will only make the other lady or guy happy. Don’t push your partner back into the arms of his/her cheating partner. Instead, you should find out if your partner is really sorry about the act. While a full break up is not advisable, you may need a little recess to help you get over the trauma.

Seek support

The ease or difficulty in surviving infidelity depends on the amount of trust you put in your partner. That is the irony of it. If you gave your all, it may be a little difficult for you to forgive him/her totally. So, you may need to seek support from friends and family during this trying period.

What will help you most is when you get to realize that most of the couples you thought were perfect had encountered their own infidelity issues too. It makes you feel better that you are not alone.

Forgive him/her when you are really ready

You should take your spouse back only when you are sure you have forgiven him/her. Sometimes, grudges can lie dormant in the mind of the wronged. You may think you have forgiven the person until you see him or her. In such situation, sighting the person may trigger the grievance out of dormancy. And you could harm him or her.

So you should take your time away from him/her. Accept him/her back when you have searched your heart and soul and realized that you have really forgiven him/her

Think more of your partner’s positive impact in your life

The fact that he or she cheated on you does not mean he/she has not made you happy before. Think of all the positive roles he/she has played in your life. Think of all you will miss if you break up totally. Most importantly, for ladies, if you break up with your husband or fiancé, the other lady will be too happy to take him. Is that what you really want?


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