Relationships After A Divorce

Relationships After A Divorce

Relationships After A Divorce Is Not As Elusive As You Think

Relationships after a divorce has become elusive to so many women that they believe it is rather impossible. While many women blame men for their inability to get to the level of marriage after an affair, most of the faults often come from the women themselves.

If you are looking for relationships after a divorce, you may need to consider some of the tips below.

Not every man is a marriage material

The first problem with women is that they often believe that all men are marriageable. If marriage is not in a man’s dream, you can never convince him. Marriage is like enlisting in the military because it requires a lot of sacrifice and commitments. So, only those who really cherish it will make the sacrifice.

Marriage requires so much commitment and responsibility. If your dream is marriage, you should date someone with the same dream. For instance, the priority of a responsible man is his wife or fiancée and not his friends. Any man that cannot fathom that cannot be a good husband.

While dating a man, if you find out that marriage is not part of his ambition, the earlier you leave the better. He won’t change. Never try to tie a man down with pregnancy. You will most likely end up being a single mother or a baby mama.

Consider your dressing

A man that has been seeing you only decided to ask you out the day you wore a skimpy dress that accentuated your killer hips and thighs and you are surprised that he dumped you after a couple of months? What do you expect? He was only attracted by the killer curves and after tasting the juice, what is left.

If you want a long term relationship that is based on real love, do not attract men by exposing your body. This may not matter if all you want is short term dating.

Nobody is perfect

It is true that there is someone for everyone but a lot of people doubt this because they have been disappointed several times. Here is the truth. Yes, there is someone for everyone but who told you that the one for you will be perfect? Who told you that he won’t make mistakes?

The point is lack of forgiveness and lack of tolerance have made a lot of women lose the one that is really meant for them. So, you should learn to be tolerant. Learn to forgive. JayZ and Beyoncé had issues but they resolved them. Kim and Kanye had issues too. They are still together because they decided to forgive.

Don’t let go the first time he cheats on you

The fact that a man cheated on you does not mean he does not love you. Men can be adventurous with sex. Besides, successful men encounter tremendous amount of pressure from women. If you blame your husband for cheating on you, what about the lady that accepted to date him even with his marital status?

What you can do is to step up your sexual game. Instead of quarreling with him, try to find out what he saw with the other lady. Do you realize that if you break up with your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband because he cheated on you, you will be playing to the hand of the other lady?

Of course, it is painful when you realize that your partner has been cheating on you but there is enormous benefit in handling the issue with so much maturity. He will love and probably respect you much more.

In conclusion, apart from the few tips discussed above, more affairs will become successful if women pay more attention to their own faults instead of heaping all the blame on men.


Relationships After A Divorce
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