Our Story

A+BPassionateLife-42Brian and Anne Bercht are affair recovery specialists. Together they have appeared on television programs throughout North America including Oprah Winfrey, Montel WilliamsAmerican FamilyMarriage Uncensored, Northwest Afternoon, Vicki Gabereau, and many more.

They are authors of My Husband’s Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, a Canadian Bestseller. 

Anne is the Director of BAN, the International Beyond Affairs Network.

Married in 1981, their pre-affair marriage was a good marriage. Eighteen years later, in 2000, their marriage was devastated by Brian’s affair. It was a long and arduous road to healing. Once they healed their marriage, they looked back on the journey and asked, “What is wrong with the world?” This is such a common problem, and no one is addressing it appropriately!” So they added education to their personal experience, and began helping other couples restore their lives and love – often against seemingly impossible odds.

Together they have created 4 separate weekend intensive programs to help couples and individuals put back together the broken pieces of their lives after being rocked by infidelity. They also have been invited to speak at training sessions for therapists, and present marriage retreats and keynotes in churches aimed at strengthening marriages and affair prevention. They have more than ten years experience coaching couples and individuals in affair recovery, and have developed a growing team of mentors and coaches to assist with this affair-recovery work (The Passionate Life Coaching Team).

As of this writing (2015), they have been married for 34 years (15 years of monogamy since the affair). They have 3 grown children, all married also, and 4 grandchildren. They reside in Blaine, Washington, USA.

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