Infidelity Support Group

Infidelity Support Group

If you have suffered the pain and heartache of infidelity you know how difficult a time it is in your life. You aren’t sure whether you can survive or if you could ever forgive your partner and maintain the relationship. You need support from those who know about infidelity and can provide guidance as you make a new path. An infidelity support group is one of the many steps you can take as you learn to deal with the affair and the aftermath.

Participate in an Infidelity Support Group

Our infidelity support groups are designed for the betrayed spouse and not intended for couples or for the person who had the affair. The infidelity support group is a place you can go to deal with the impact of the affair in a safe and nurturing environment with others who have been going through similar situations.

You don’t need to go it alone during this critical and emotional time in your life. It is also helpful to go through the situation with others who understand and won’t judge. While your family and friends are helpful in playing a support role, they are not equipped to give you the specific type of support that you need right now in your life.

While an infidelity support group is a good option, it is not intended to take the place of individual counseling. This, too, is a necessary part of your ongoing care and healing process after an affair. Support groups are intended for those who are dealing with the affair of their spouse including both men and women. Attendees may be those who are still married or are divorced.

Beyond Affairs Network

The Beyond Affairs Network, BAN, is a support group for those who have been betrayed by their partners. It is a grass-roots organization that is made up of many different local groups in a variety of cities. Each BAN group has a coordinator who facilitates the meetings. People meet and talk about their situation in a safe environment with a supportive group of peers.

Group sharing can be an impactful and helpful way to resolve your own emotional issues. Getting through the pain of betrayal can take time and you need the support of compassionate people who are there to listen and not give advice.

Attending support group meetings will help you work through your situation and give you clarity about how you want to move forward. You have choices to make and you don’t need to decide everything immediately. In fact, it can be better to allow some time to go by as you learn exactly what it is you want for your life.

It can feel immensely good to be able to communicate about the betrayal with others. A huge burden will be lifted from your shoulders as you talk about your situation with a compassionate and non-judgmental group. You will have the ability to learn about yourself and grow as a person so you can make choices from a more stable platform.

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