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974329_10152150511734624_1298892039_nCould you be Facing Divorce After Infidelity?

Hi! My name is Gayle and I am one of the senior coaches here at Passionate Life Seminars.

If you are possibly facing divorce after infidelity, I am so sorry. I know what that feels like and the pain you are in. I’ve been down that road and remember it well.

That said – I am so glad you are here – that you are pursuing wholeness and healing from the hurt. I am so thankful that you are serious about discovering who you are and how to live life fully alive from this point and that you have discovered the resources of Passionate Life Seminars to support you every step of the way.



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Testimonial Letters about Gayle

March 28, 2014

I’m writing a letter of recommendation for Gayle Ruud. As you know, I sought help from your organization during a time when I was living the trauma of my husband’s infidelity. When I was most wounded and desperate for hope in surviving, you paired me with Gayle for coaching.

I can say that the progress I have made as a person and the hope that is still alive in my marriage is a direct result of the work that I did with Gayle. Before working with her I was reading books and researching about affairs and affair recovery and getting head smart. What I didn’t have was a sense of direction or practical application of ways to cope with the trauma. Her words and wisdom were a Godsend for a broken woman like I was then. I needed guidance that only someone who had already navigated the path could give along with the encouragement to do so.

I’m just over a year out from initial disclosure and only 3+ months out from full truth so my journey is not close to being done. My need during those months when my heart was in severe trauma, Gayle was the voice I needed and the medicine to my heart. One particular event that stands out was so traumatic that I was sure I’d have a heart attack. My husband had stated that our marriage was over and we should just begin the separation process toward divorce. Gayle talked me through the whole ordeal with the right words and wisdom so that I was able to release the anxiety and approach the situation from a position of peace. From that discussion I was able to confront my husband without stress or fear.

While I’m still on my journey and working through the aftermath of life after betrayal, my ability to do so with strength and belief comes from having been coached by Gayle. I am so thankful for her, that I want to spread the good news of her gift and talent as a relationship coach.

My hope is that others get the opportunity to have Gayle as a coach because of her love, intuition and wisdom to help.  Sincerely – M.T., Canton, Georgia



Nearly two years ago my world fell apart with the revelation of my husband’s affair with a coworker. Like many others in this situation, I had no idea where to turn. I read as many books and articles as I could find and while they have been part of my healing, they were not personal.

Through my search I started listening to teleseminars from the Passionate Life Seminars site. From what I heard there, I knew that this was one of those times in life that would forever change me. I was determined I would become a stronger, better person, but I had no idea how to do that in the middle of my crumbling world.

Gayle was at a Betrayed Spouse seminar I went to and I was struck by her warmth, compassion and understanding. Gayle has been through this herself and she “gets it”.

Those of us who go through this experience are struck with many choices we never thought that we would have to make. Some of us are not given the chance to repair our marriage even if that is our hope. I am one of those people. For me, the greatest devastation came after the affair when my husband chose not to fight for me and our family.

I chose to work with Gayle because I knew I needed help getting out of the pit I was in. Working with her, I was able to share anything I needed to about my relationship, my fears for my future and my family’s future. For me, it was very important to work with a woman of faith and Gayle was that woman.

Over a few months, we laughed, cried, talked and prayed together. My situation was not resolved, but with her help, I now feel I am equipped to face the future, no matter what it brings.

Gayle is a beautiful woman with a calling to do this work. She is willing to expose herself to a world that barely acknowledges this issue. She has the compassion to help others through what she has been through. Most importantly, she has the faith and wisdom to help others see that this does not need to define who they are, but to be just a piece of the puzzle that is their life.

A.A., Vancouver, Washington
January 13, 2014

Gayle Ruud has been my Relationship/Affair Recovery Coach during the past 7 months. After 40 years of marriage my husband had an 8 month long affair with a co-worker who was 16 years younger than him. I was devastated and I experienced the worst pain and heartache of my life.

Gayle allowed me to “verbally vomit” during our first counseling sessions. My husband had asked me not to reveal his affair to our kids nor our friends. I agreed to honor his request. I desperately needed to talk about the affair and my pain. Gayle’s expertise with listening skills and patience provided me an outlet to talk and receive healing. She would give me “homework” assignments to complete and provide me with meaningful articles to read and digest. After each counseling session she would email me a synopsis of our discussion. It always contained reinforcement information and hope for my future. I was just trying to breathe and survive the confusion and trauma I was experiencing. I reread my notes and her emails and I looked at them as my lifeline to surviving this situation I had been handed from my husband whom I had trusted and loved the most.

She praised me and encouraged me as I walked this journey of grieving for the crime/violation of my marriage. When my husband “manned up” and finally came clean on the details of his affair she praised him and encouraged him as he started disentangling himself from the “affair fog” he had been living in.

In summary, Gayle is a loving, gentle-hearted lady who has been through an affair as the betrayed spouse. She is dependable and motivated and met me exactly where I was with my “roller coaster” experience of processing an affair. I highly recommend her as a coach. I do not believe I would have been able to heal as quickly as I have without her counseling skills in my life. My husband and I are 7 months into our recovery from his affair. We will settle for nothing less than 100% healing. We know our marriage is going to come through this ordeal stronger than ever.

P.C., Indianapolis, Indiana


May 8, 2014

First of all, I want to thank Gayle for being such an amazing woman and sharing her story with us. She is one of the strongest and courageous people I know. Her willingness to share and open her heart and soul helped me to deal with my situation with grace, dignity and self-respect. She uses strong examples so that we can get through one of the biggest storms of our lives showing us that we will be okay and come out even stronger, whether the marriage survives or not.

I met Gayle at the October 2013 TYLB Seminar in Charlotte NC.  My counseling sessions with Gayle were from December 2013 to March 2014.  Through her words of wisdom she gave me the strength to end a 26 year marriage in which my husband had an affair with an employee for over 3 years and is still there with the company today.  Gayle taught me about boundaries.

Unfortunately, I realized my husband never would respect the boundaries I needed him to follow in order to heal and trust him again.  Through the sessions, Gayle allowed me to vent, cry and pray with her while giving so much love, support and tools to get through this difficult time. I now have the strength to stand up for myself.

I would highly recommend counseling with Gayle for anyone going through a marriage crisis.  I have learned so much from her, as well as from Anne and Brian Bercht and all that Passionate Life Seminars has to offer. I have made so much progress in the last several months and I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart.

K.L., San Diego, CA


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