Category Archives: How to rebuild a marriage after an affair September 23, 2015 – How To Heal Your Marriage After An Affair How to heal your marriage after an affair, is the topic of our 1st fall 2015 teleseminar series. Brian and Anne Bercht share 7 keys to healing a marriage after an affair.  From understanding why the unfaithful person needs to end all contact […]

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Secrets to healing a marriage after an affair – Recorded on May 27, 2015 A focus for couples who wish to restore their marriage after an affair. Transcript begins: Brian Bercht: The thing that is not a secret is that it will take some work and effort to heal a marriage after an affair. In […]

  Read more » Recorded on July 30, 2014 – Steps to healing from infidelity – specifically steps to healing a marriage from infidelity. 1. The unfaithful needs to step up and take responsibility for what they’ve done. To start listening now to this comprehensive audio seminar click on the audio link above!

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Recorded on October 1, 2014 – How do you get him to talk? How to get him to talk?? We are talking about men who wish to restore their marriages after an affair. Men have to first overcome their beliefs about it. They’ve been told, “you don’t need to talk about it.” They have to overcome […]

  Read more » Recorded on September 20, 2012 – How to heal your marriage after an affair Find out how to heal your marriage after an affair – Start listening to this audio seminar now by clicking on the audio link embedded above, or by clicking on the text link. (This tele seminar takes nearly a minute […]

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How do you stay positive? February 28, 2012 – Affair Recovery Q & A Session How do you stay on a positive path while healing? Do you need to know all the details of the affair to heal? What kind of questions should you be asking? Are some men just serial cheaters? (so there’s […]

  Read more » Recorded on January 25, 2012 – How to discuss the affair without further damaging your marriage?  

  Read more » September 26, 2011 – Surviving Infidelity Q & A Questions covered in this Surviving Infidelity Forum via Tele Seminar: Is it normal to forgive, but still have post traumatic stress symptoms? What if your unfaithful spouse has had multiple affairs? Is there hope? What if my spouse still has to work with their affair […]

  Read more » Recorded on June 23, 2010 – Trusting again after infidelity. – How can you know for sure if the affair is over? – How can you trust again? – How can you ever feel safe and secure again?

  Read more » February 26, 2010 – How do you motivate your husband to talk?

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