For the Unfaithful Partner

Please find below specific information for the unfaithful partner who is a woman, and just below that specific information for the unfaithful partner who is a man.

Special Information to help Women who have been Unfaithful

We want you to know that we understand the unique pain and challenges that a woman who has been unfaithful faces. If you are like most, you struggle with feelings of shame and unworthiness, and most women who have had affair/s really have nowhere to turn for help.

We know and understand that it is most likely pain and/or naivety that led you to make the poor choices that you did. You probably never wanted to hurt anyone. You may have been experiencing pain in your marriage, perhaps a feeling of not being close and connected to your husband like you needed to be. For others of you that pain could more closely be related to insecurity, low self-esteem, or unresolved wounds from your past, whether from childhood or past relationships before you met your husband.

Maybe no one understands that you were taken advantage of. Maybe you didn’t have anyone that you really felt safe and validated to talk to, because you weren’t supposed to be having these feelings in the first place. Maybe you weren’t even aware of how much these inner struggles were affecting you, nor the danger of the relationship when it seemed to begin innoncently enough, with the person who eventually became your affair partner.

Now you’re the “bad” person. You are still a woman, who needs to be cherished and treated lovingly and gently, but you’re dealing with the intense anger of your husband. Or maybe no one knows at this point, and you are scared to death and don’t know what to do.

We’re so glad you found us. You’ve come to the right resource for help.

1. Below please find links to articles and podcasts that may relate more directly to your situation.

How do I rebuild trust with my husband after my affair?

Help for the Unfaithful Wife

2. We have life coaches who are women who have healed their marriages after their affairs. They do understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. If you would like to speak to one of them, sessions can be done from anywhere in the world by phone or skype. To find out more or to schedule your first confidential session, simply call our office at 360-306-3367 or send an email to .


Special Information to help Men who have been Unfaithful

This section is for men that can relate to one or more of the following:

  1. Your wife caught you in your affair(s).
  2. Your affair(s) have been exposed to your wife or other family members.
  3. You have confessed to an affair(s) whether present or past.
  4. You have lied about your affair, because you are not sure of what the outcome may be.
  5. You may not have been found out, but are dealing with the enormous guilt of the affair(s) you had, whether current or past.

Then, we are glad that you have found this page. And even if you have not found this site on your own, we want you to know that there is hope for your relationship, if you want it, and that there can be true healing of your relationship.

Maybe you’re reading this page because you feel like one or more of the following:

  • It’s over and I’m past it, so why can’t she move on?
  • It was a long time ago so why do we need to talk about it anymore?
  • I’ve tried to talk with her, but nothing seems to make her better.
  • We went to counseling but that hasn’t made a difference.
  • Why does she need to know all these details, I don’t think they will help her?
  • I can’t seem to do anything right or make her understand, we just get into a fight.
  • I want to help my wife and am looking for any help and advice possible.
  • I’m not sure that I still want to stay in my marriage, but am here because of our kids.
  • I love my wife, but I’m not in love with her anymore.
  • Or, I’m only reading this because she will divorce me if I don’t.

So, if these or others not listed are the reasons for getting to this page, don’t give up. We do understand and can help you sort through these difficult times.

Special Articles for Men who have had Affairs

What if my wife wants to read emails from my affair?