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Dear Anne, I have read, read, and read, anything and everything I can find, on how to cope with wife having an affair. Nothing works. Nothing. I am so devastated I don’t even want to wake up in the mornings. And this is not a few days after this. This has been going on for […]

  Read more » August 13, 2014 – Gender differences in infidelity. When the wife had the affair. Unique Challenges. Passionate Life Seminars Mentors & Coaches, Mike & Kim will be joining us. One of the unique gender differences in infidelity is, while we live in a society that is gender neutral, the aspect of infidelity is biased in […]

  Read more » September 22, 2012 – Q & A on Healing a Marriage after an Affair This tele seminar covers many aspects of healing a marriage after an affair. Questions will include topics such as dealing with long-term affairs as well those instances when the wife had the affair. Time alone will not heal a marriage after an […]

  Read more » September 20, 2010 – Unique Challenges when the wife has the affair. Ronda: We were on the edge of the crisis when we first met you guys. When the wife has an affair (transcript begins): Couples Barry & Ronda, Mike & Kim, and Greg & Daphne share with host Brian Bercht Ronda: We were […]

  Read more » July 15, 2010 – Mike and Kim share their story of healing. She had the affair. Mike and Kim’s Story: (transcript begins) Brian: Mike and Kim are a younger couple, that we’ve had the privilege of having as mentors on our team for a year now, but we’ve had a connection with them indirectly for about […]

  Read more » July 22, 2009 – When the wife cheats – 2 couples candidly share their stories Kim and Mike’s Story – When the wife cheats Kim: Mike and I have been married 15 years tomorrow. We were 19 and 20. We considered ourselves to have had a good marriage. Sure there were bumps, but it seemed normal. […]

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Affair Recovery Success Stories – Audio Seminar April 14, 2010 – Greg & Daphne. She had the affair. This couple healed their relationship incredibly quickly. Find out the secret to their expedited healing. (It takes about 4 minutes for this call to get going. In the first 4 minutes there is a lot of […]

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Affair Recovery Success Stories June 18, 2013 – Denis & Andrea. When Denis found out that his beautiful, devoted wife of 8 years was having an affair with his brother, he felt crushed with the heavy impact of double betrayal. It was more painful than he ever could’ve imagined, and he never imagined it could […]

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What are the unique challenges these husbands & wives face? (Please note: anytime gender differences between men and women are discussed, these are generalizations. There are always exceptions to the rule.) A husband and wife sit in our office beside each other on the sofa. She is pregnant with the other man’s child. “I don’t […]

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