Healing From Affairs Home Program

A revolutionary new educational program for couples who are walking the difficult road to recovery after their marriage has been rocked by an extramarital affair.

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The Healing From Affairs Home Program Contains:

  • 6 DVD’s with 6 hours of powerful instruction
  • 2 workbooks (one for each spouse)
  • An assessment tool to help you uncover the root causes of the affair – and prevent future affairs.
  • 2 in-depth personality profiles (a $90 value when sold separately)


This healing from affairs home program will provide you with the roadmap for your recovery.

Whether you’re the spouse who had the affair or the injured spouse, you’ll find validation, knowing you’re not alone. Your spouse will hear the things you need them to hear. Brian and Anne Bercht understand the tremendous pain and emotions both spouses are experiencing in totally different ways.

This program confronts the affair issues head on and gives you hope. In the beginning, you wonder, can we really get through this? Will I ever be able to get over it? Can my spouse really ever forgive me? Can trust be rebuilt? Can we fall in love again? Can we get the passion back in our relationship? Without hope, neither partner has the motivation to do what it takes. Seeing Anne and Brian, and the other couples get through it, will give you hope, that you can get through it too.

You can have a better marriage on the other side.

This Healing From Affairs Home Program is incredibly real. You will not be hit with stuff that sounds good in theory …. If only you were feeling better, you might be able to actually do this. Instead, we get real as you follow the actual healing journeys of 6 couples going through a 3 day healing seminar.

In a way you get to be like a fly on the wall, as the real, live discussions with other couples who are working through the aftermath of an affair take place, hearing things talked about candidly, that you’ll likely not hear anywhere else – not even in a counseling session, because you don’t get to hear the real life struggles and worries of other couples going through this in a one-on-one session with your counselor.


In order to heal your marriage you and your spouse are going to need to have a lot of discussions to understand what has happened to your marriage, why it happened, what are the implications of the affair?

Many of these discussions are not going to be easy. Therefore the beginning of the healing journey involves setting a foundation for good communication, so you can actually get somewhere in all your talking.

So we’ll start the journey with an in-depth personality profile, and the teaching to go with it. You’ll learn to understand yourself. Why you react and respond in the ways you do, why certain things hurt you so much, and then to understand why your spouse reacts and communicates so differently. You’ll learn how to transform these differences into positives for your relationship instead of areas of ongoing hurt.

Sometimes it is literally as if you and your spouse are speaking two completely different languages. In this DVD series, you’ll begin to learn how to speak your spouse’s language. This session is actually fun, and will begin to set a tone in your marriage where healing can begin.


We’ll look below the surface issues to the root causes. You’ll get understanding and awareness of core issues. This will help you to know what needs to change to ensure the future monogamy and happiness of your marriage.


How can you make it safe to actually discuss the affair in a way that brings healing instead of causing further damage to the relationship? You’ll learn the “Rules of Engagement.” This session teaches you a powerful framework for communication that makes it safe for both spouses to talk about the affair issues in a way that builds the bridges of connection instead of causing further damage to the relationship.

When couples follow these clearly explained and modeled steps, many experience for the first time feeling heard by their spouse, like their spouse actually understands their point of view Wow! What a difference that makes.




Learn how to live your life as a victor and not as a victim


Time and again we get asked the question, “how can I ever trust my spouse again?” or we get asked, “How can I rebuild trust with my spouse?” The answer to your question is easy. It takes proven behavior over time. The problem is just hearing those four words does not solve the trust issue for any couple. In this session, we give you a practical tool for rebuilding trust. We’ll unwrap “proven behavior over time” and dig deeper. By the end of the lesson in the Healing From Affairs Home Program, you’ll know and understand what it takes to achieve this essential component of the healing journey.


Forgiveness is a process. While the choice to forgive can be made in a moment, it would be unhealthy and unrealistic to completely forgive an affair, right after you find out. Complete forgiveness of an affair is going to take some time, but not forever. Many people think it was easier for Anne Bercht to forgive, that forgiving is almost part of her nature. The opposite is actually true. If ever there was a person who was a champion of unforgiveness it was Anne. Sometimes our weaknesses can become our greatest strengths, because these are the areas where we have to work hard. Anne will inspire you, and help you to look at forgiveness in new ways, and to begin the all important journey for yourself …. or finish it if you’re ready.

For the betrayer you’ll learn how to forgive yourself.


You’ll receive a heartfelt lesson on how to reconnect sexually after an affair. We discuss real problems related to reconnecting after the affair/s, like how to get thoughts of your spouse with the other person/s out of your mind.

The program also includes an overview of sexual addiction issues and how they may relate to affairs.


  • 6 DVD’s with 6 hours of powerful instruction
  • 2 workbooks
  • An assessment tool to help you uncover the root causes of the affair – and prevent future affairs.
  • 2 in-depth personality profiles (a $90 value when sold separately)

Retail Price: $497

A Healing From Affairs weekend costs $3675. This program is based on the Healing From Affairs weekend, and now, you can have access to these POWERFUL HEALING tools for ONLY $497!!!!!!!


We DO NOT want to give the impression that this DVD & workbook program is a replacement for attending a live healing from affairs intensive weekend in person. It is not. There is no way watching 6 hours of DVD’s, without the ability to ask questions live, can in anyway compare to the experience of the full 23 hours of instruction, complete with exercises, live discussion and 6 weeks of follow-up provided in the Healing From Affairs weekend intensive.

Rather the Healing From Affairs DVD/ workbook program provides you with the next best alternative if you can’t be there in person.

To get the most out of the Healing From Affairs DVD/workbook program, we recommend that you enlist the help of a counselor, therapist or coach to work with you through the program. Please feel free to contact us to see if we have a referral for you in your area.

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