Laura – Joan – Katherine – Jenny

In this podcast, four betrayed wives candidly share their recovery journeys; Laura, Joan, Katherine & Jenny. Reconciliation, Divorce, Decision-making, Empowerment & Recovery. The candid truth! It’s all here.

Laura was married in 2003 and has two young boys. She had a good marriage for the most part, with a lot of adventure and fun. Yet, looking back she sees that the relationship had been out of balance. She gave more than her husband.

D-day came, 3 1/2 years ago, on the first day of school when her youngest was heading off to kindergarten. She found herself shaking with anger as her husband, to his credit came clean with the whole truth, revealing not just this current affair, but two other affairs that had occurred earlier in the marriage.

Laura went into shock. Thinking about her husband’s affair became all-consuming. She felt as though she was no longer present in her own life. She found herself becoming someone she didn’t recognize. She would stand at her desk (she worked at home) shouting “I hate you. I hate You. I hate you.”

Today, she stands at her desk and shouts, “I love my life.” She is able to see life clearly. She is able to see the effort that her husband put in to be there for her and to grow and become a better man.

Find out what she did to make this journey from hate to love. From devastated to happy and grateful.

Joan had been married 29 years to a physician, when she found out about his affair.

As a prominent figure in a small town, they had nowhere safe to turn for help. Joan describes her post disclosure days as a swirling nightmare. She had always assumed that an affair would be the end of her marriage, but when it happened to her, she thought differently. Perhaps throwing away 29 years in the emotion of the moment, might not be what she really wanted.

Divorce is not easy. It costs a lot of money, and you’re still stuck with the pain. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out of the pain.

Today Joan can laugh again. The affair is no longer all-consuming. She has regained her “lightness” and her confidence. Find out how she did it!

Katherine, a strong Christian, was married 27 years, college educated, married in her 30’s for the first time. Together they had 3 lovely daughters. Her husband, a CEO of a publicly held company. Both she and her husband were sure affairs would never be part of their marriage. She had a very blessed life.

Her husband’s first affair was 6 – 9 months in duration. They worked through it … to a degree, renewed their vows, and moved on. A year later they found themselves under great stress again. They pursued Christian counseling. Like Joan, because they were high profile, they isolated themselves, which was not a good thing.

Katherine did not want a divorce. However, her husband continued his affair. Katherine found herself without hope. It was as if she lost herself.

Yet, she says, had she known back then what she knows now, Katherine believes their marriage may have been saved. What made the difference? What are the lessons she learned?

Jenny and her husband were high school sweethearts. He became a dentist. She a veterinarian. They were best friends with a tight loving marriage. She had been married 18 years when her husband got caught up in an affair.

The affair partner started telling everyone in their small town. Jenny found out when a friend called and said, “I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s affair.” In response, Jenny (who was driving her tractor at the time) threw her wedding ring at her husband and kicked him out.

She didn’t sleep for 4 days, she lost 40 pounds, she buried herself in work, listened to angry girl music, and isolated herself because she was afraid to go to town. This was her great, perfect marriage! Her post disclosure eyes shot daggers at everyone.

Today Jenny is totally different. She learned how to be herself again. She is only 10 months out from D-day. What she has to share, might make all the difference for you.

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March 2, 2020 Tele-Seminar – Laura, Joan, Katherine & Jenny candidly share their stories