Help for Betrayed Wives – Part 2

Hear 4 betrayed wives share their stories of betrayal, and their paths towards recovery!

Start listening now, and learn from their experiences and wisdom, to help you on your own road to recovery!

April 25, 2013 – Help for Betrayed Wives Part 2


My husbands original affair started in 1999, and was found out really early on. We went for counseling, and I thought we had gotten through it and it was over.

However, in 2011, I found out it had just gone underground, and now it had been a 12-year affair. It was shocking! After 28-years of marriage, I decided I wasn’t going to work on the marriage. I couldn’t understand it. He did a lot of soul searching, and then he revealed to me that he was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

So I worked on healing myself, because he was not able to help me, even though he wanted to. What Anne says is really true. Don’t do this alone! I really wish I would’ve found Take Your Life Back earlier, or BAN.

On the flip side not telling children or coworkers it’s been easier now years later. So there are pros and cons. I didn’t have support, but now I don’t have shadows following me. The Take Your Life Back seminar gave me peace … and now I have my marriage back, and I would never have imagined reconcilation was possible. Now I have a new marriage with my husband of 28 years, and it is a beautifully tender marriage.

Being with other woman at Take Your Life Back, being with these incredibly beautiful, smart, funny women, gave me the a great “aha!” moment, as I looked around the room at all these beautiful women, it gave me such strength, and I realized as I looked at them, “It’s not us!


For 18 years, I was a wife getting cards and notes saying “best wife ever!” My husband is a cop. We have no children. We were living his dream. We bought land out in the country. He was under great stress with a job promotion. Then he came home from a work assignment in the middle east, and told me we needed to break up, because I didn’t like camping and we didn’t have enough in common!

Of course he had found someone! She was a psycologist, a marriage counselor, and she worked with inmates in the prison he guarded. He told me it was an emotional affair, and therefore it wasn’t really cheating. There was a lot of misunderstanding between us. He said, we never had a child, and therefore he had a hole in his heart.

The other woman became pregnant. I was still very much in love with my husband. My husband was trying to break it all to my gently. He believed God had finally blessed him with a child. There was no possibility for or negotiaton about reconciliation. I remained civil with my husband. He drafted a divorce settlement with me, and he sobbed for 3 hours through the whole thing. He tells me he prays for me every night. It took 2 years to get divorced. When you’ve been married to someone for a long time, you know a lot about them, and my husband was a procrastinator.

Now a 2-year old runs around in the yard I use to care for. If you had told me prior this would happen, I never would’ve believed it. This was a man who I admired and loved. The Take Your Life Back Retreat helped me to get my life on track after all this unwanted tragedy!


We’ll be married 30 years this June, together 36. I didn’t see this coming at all. It was September when I first discovered the affair through some text messages. We went for marriage counseling. I thought we were on the mend. In November I discovered the affair was still going on, in fact, he had just booked a fancy trip for him and his affair partner. I kicked him out!

Then he was begging me for reconcilaiton. He said he was just crazy in the head. Then in December I discovered more lies. Again he begged me for reconcilation. He said, I’ll do anything. He even started going to church for me (and he was still continuing the affair). In March we found you guys. I called you Brian. You told me to come to Take Your Life Back. I said no, but after talking with you I went ahead and registered.

After registering for the seminar, my husband went back and forth day to day, wanting to reconcile, then wanting to divorce. My husband then moved out. When I left for the seminar, he called me and wished me a good experience. And when I returned he refused to speak with me.

Anne: “Your situation is sadly common. It can be a frikken roller coaster.”


We’ve been married for 20 years. I didn’t have a clue that my husband was leading a double life. In December, I found out. He moved out. I was devastated. Here I am a homeschooling mom, 6 children, Christian. Everything was connected with his job. I thought it was one situation, one affair we were dealing with. A little more than a month ago, I had him take a lie detector test, because I had a sense there was more. He was very indignant about the whole thing, and of course, he failed the lie detector.

Finally after that, that night, he confessed to years of pornography use. We had talked to pastors, and one counselor. He had been lying to them, keeping things from them. So now its been uncovered that he believes he is dealing with a sexual addiction.

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